2016 CX-5 Start/Alarm Issues

Mazda CX-5 2016. I get into the car press brake pedal and press start button. Nothing happens for a few seconds and then alarm goes off. Fob does not disarm the alarm at this point. Only disconnecting the battery does. Reconnect the battery and then everything was fine. This was a week ago and everything normal since. Got into the car today and the same thing happened. Disconnected battery to get alarm to stop. Could hear some intermittent clicking under the hood as I was disconnecting the battery. Haven't re-connected again yet since I was in a hurry. Seems electrical but not sure.
no idea which fuse housing has it and if its a dedicated fuse and not shared but there are only 2 locations for fuses. Usually the fuses and their purpose is labeled on the plastics. Check it out.

inside the cabin, drivers side - bottom left side below the dash and in the engine bay - next to the battery.

interior, inside the cabin drivers side bottom left. pull the plastic cover to open.

engine bay, near battery and the headlamp. clip has to be pushed and the cover can be removed.
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