2015 CX-9 remote starter issue *fixed*


I ran a quick search and didn't find this information in the forum so I'm making a post with the info here for anyone who encounter the same issue that I did.

I should preface by saying that I have 2015 CX-9 with the factory remote starter option, but this information maybe useful for factory remote starters in similar year Mazdas(the instructions was for CX-7 but worked for my CX-9). In the last few years, I've had intermittent issues with the remote start starting and shutting off. It typically goes away after I change the remote's batteries or just after a few days. Earlier this week it happened again and despite putting in 2 new set of batteries(to make sure the batteries weren't bad), the issue persisted. The behavior was that it would start, shuts off, starts again, shuts off, and repeats. So I decided to look into what might be causing that issue/behavior on the internet. What I found was that the most likely cause of remote starter starting but shuts off immediate was related to the tach signal. During my research, I also found the following thread asking this exact question but it was posted so long ago that I think it'd be weird to bring it back from the dead.

I also found this thread below which helped me eventually find the information that allowed me to reprogram the remote starter:

So for those of you who are experiencing the same issue as I did, performing the tachometer programming specified in the document linked below may fix the issue:

As I've previously mentioned, the instructions are for the a CX-7 remote starter but evidently the tach reprogramming instructions didn't change for the earlier CX-9's since it fixed my issue.

Happy Thanksgiving all and stay well!

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