2015 CX-5 AFS Headlight swap

We have a 2015 cx5 grand touring model with the afs headlights, one of the housings was hit and broken. Is it possible to swap to the lower model headlights. I know the housing will fit but what about the harness and plugs for the bulbs. I would like to just swap out both headlights for a regular halogen bulb. Thank you for any help.
South Carolina
12 MZ5 13 CX-5
It can be done, but as you pointed out, it's going to take some rewiring.
Something to think about though, the BCM will probably throw a code. As to whether or not it will trip the CEL, no clue.
Is there options for a plug and play headlight other than from mazda? last I looked they were quite expensive and were on backorder. Thanks