2012 CX-9 New Head Unit Recommendations?

This is my first post, so I’m glad to be a part of this forum! I bought a used 2012 CX-9 over the weekend. It’s in beautiful shape with only 84K mikes. I’m super happy with it, but I have to upgrade the technology, so I’m looking for good advice on a new head unit. It has the Bose system. I would want Apple CarPlay, I don’t need a CD player, and would need it installed.

Bronco Boy is right. Take a look at the Alpine ILX-W650. It has a shallow depth and is about $350. At the moment, it's hard to find head units. Be patient. :)
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I was an Alpine fanboy since the 80's. But the new Kenwood's are straight up amazing. Plus, with the addition of an iDataLink Maestro RR, you can even get full gauges, right on the head unit!

I have a DDX8905S in my CX5, a DDX8706S in my Mazda5, and a DMX7705S in my Silverado.


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Thanks for the ideas. Yes, indeed, nobody has these things right now, but I’m in no hurry. I’ll check out your suggestions when things are back to normal.
Hi all. I just sold my 2010 CX9 GT to a nice couple and I opened the CD/DVD screen to make sure I didn't have an old CD in there. I pressed the NAV eject button and the NAVI DVD came out. I was showing them how it worked. I pressed it back in and it just went click click click and spit it back out. It won't stay in. I've read a little about this and fear they are heading for a failure on the HU. Any tips on this and should I tell them to start watching for this Alpine unit? It looks reasonably priced. Do you maintain back up camera, blind spot indicator, bluetooth, Sirius etc? I can't believe it did this right as they were getting ready to drive off. Never had any problems with it up to this point. I did tell them the Navi sucked and I always used my phone. They weren't worried about it but I am. Lol.