2012 cx-9 moonroof wind noise... even when CLOSED


2012 cx-9
is anyone else noticing excessive noise from the moonroof when CLOSED?

i bought the "grand touring" model (whatever that means) and i hear a lot of talk about how quiet the cabin is. but from day one, i noticed a great deal of wind noise from the moonroof. keeping the solid interior panel closed lessens it a good bit. but what's the point of having the feature if i can't even use it to let light in?

is there a decent exterior faring / deflector? i noticed weathertech makes one. but the clip that goes into the opening worries me...

to make matters worse. i added my yakima roof rack to the existing factory rails. and the wind noise from that is annoying as well. i've looked at farings for that. but from the looks of things, the front supports for that rest right on the glass of the moonroof.

i fear that wind noise may just be something i'll have to accept : (


2012 Pearl White CX-9 Touring
Not an issue with me, if the visor is closed. But I suspect the OEM roof rails (And Thule Aeros bars when mounted) make lots of noise.

To be honest, I get more road noise from the stock Duelers. Drowns out everything else. Even the radio.

I think the deflector is a great idea. Fix what you can. If it works - let us know.
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