For Sale 2010 Mazda5 Part out


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Add pics to your post/listing above that include a visible hand written sign (Mazdas247, date and username) in each one (and for each part you're selling) and you'll be good to go, thanks!
I need one of these...headlight seal 1609979112406.png
2010 5 Sport
Bummer :( been looking for those fog lights. The left front (I can find a bunch of right front) is hard to find unless I want it shipped directly from Japan, Taiwan or China.
2002.5 Proteg5
Still have the Mazda5? I’m interested in the 2nd row seat behind the front passenger. Under the seat cushion that flips forward there’s a small organizer which flips out to the center. I’m looking to just get that hinge bracket and the table—also need the nuts and bolts that fasten it to the seat frame. Are you able to separate that out and sell to me?

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