2009 CX-9 Lift gate not unlatching

I have a owned-since-new 2009 CX-9 that is having a problem with the lift gate not opening ONLY when the outside temperature is hot. Like 85 degrees and above. Using the key fob I can hear the motor in the lift gate running but it does not unlatch. It sounds the same as when its cool outside when it does unlatch. Not a power lift gate.

I have opened the access panel and lubricated the mechanism and it seemed to have helped, but lasted for only a few days.

Anyone here ever replace the locking mechanism on one of these that can give advice on what to order and any tips on getting the old out and the new in?

Beyond this issue and that the Blind Side Monitor has quit working the CX-9 has served us well over ~134k miles.

Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Can the hinges be adjusted? Could it have slipped lower over the years...or the hinges wore...and it now sits lower? When it expands in the heat it may be sticking for that reason. Just a thought--you might check the alignment of the liftgate.
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