2007 Mazda6 (1.8) 5speed Manual - High revs? 6speed swap?

Hi just wondering how to solve high revs at highway speeds. At 62 mph, my revs are almost at 3000 and it demands another gear. Just wondering if anyone has swapped a 6 speed gearbox successfully or is there a way of installing a tall 5th gear?
Portland, OR USA
2004 6s Wagon
The 6speed does not really change your final drive ratio much at all in this car unfortunately. It mostly just adds another gear to shorten your intervals between 1-5.

3000RPM @ 100kph is fairly annoying but I believe Mazdas purpose was to prevent smaller displacement engines from lugging.

You could try a larger tire diameter to help you out a bit. Your speedometer will be off but as soon as you figure out the conversion your mind will just make the conversion when you drive.

Actual 62mph road speed will indicate 55mph for example. Just a thought.
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