2006 MS6 Selling Advice

Thinking of selling my MS6 to get an old Packard. The interior is still in fairly good shape, worn spots. The veter cubby where the navigation would be is broken though. She has scratches and dings but over the original paint is not bad. The moter had to be rebuilt: New pistons and rings/Bearing/oil pump/Gasket set/Head bolts/ timing Chain and tensioner set. 2 brand new cams. Rebuilt transmission/rear differential bought from lkq. New tires. 152k miles (mix of city and highway) 130k put on by me. Aftermarket CPE INTAKE and I believe Magnaflow exhaust with resonator and deleted Cats. 35% window tint. The bad: AC has a leak and the rear suspension is shot. Looking for a fair ballpark selling price. Thoughts?
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