2003 Mazdaspeed Protege Part Out (Racing Beat, Callaway, Kenwood, Mazdaspeed, OEM)

Hi all
This is my for sale thread for my brothers recently totaled 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege (#281 Black Mica). Here was the original thread, I'm just actually posting prices now and an update on whats available:

Kenwood Sound System
Complete with most of the harness, 4 speakers, rear sub holder and amp, brackets and hardware, rear speaker blanks, kenwood deck. Fix the terminals on the amp that were bent in the accident and you're good to go.

UPDATE: harness, Kenwood Amp $OLD
All four door speakers $40
Kenwood deck $OLD
rear sub enclosure (no amp) w/ brackets $40 picked up?

Nearly Complete Interior
Rear seats including the bench, door panels front and back, side sills (front ones have mazdaspeed branding on the metal accent, rear ones dont), center console with cf accents, shifter surround, steering wheel (airbag deployed, but rest of wheel is good and color coordinated), Mazdaspeed branded speedometer with bezel, mazdaspeed branded front mats, rear mats (not branded), front seats


center console w/ shifter surround (the one with cf accents) $50
mazdaspeed branded speedometer w/ bezel $OLD
Speedometer Bezel (w/ alarm light) $FREE

Four door panels (CHERRY CONDITION) $OLD
mazdaspeed branded front mats + rear mats (not branded) $OLD
Both front seats $OLD
Rear bench w/ back seats $OLD

Racing Beat Front and Rear Sway Bars
Comes with REAR SUBFRAME ,and front subframe brace

Complete sway bar system front and back with rear sub frame and bushings! $OLD

Racing Beat Exhaust System $OLD
Full cat back and exhaust $OLD
Catalytic converter and sensor $OLD

Side Skirts and Rear Skirt
Body painted the same as the car, Black Mica. Bent front strut tower bar is free if you wanna try to bend it back to normal...

Both Side Skirts $50
Rear Skirt $25
These skirts require enormous boxes so please let it be local to semi local pick up only!

Entire Rear Truck deck with Mazdaspeed badging and early type wing
$180 for the whole thing <--TOO BIG FOR BOX PICK UP LOCAL!

Engine Stuff
Callaway Turbo Manifold w/ Garret t25 turbo and down pipe. Still spins freely. All coolant and oil fittings included. Mazdaspeed branded heat shield. Manifold studs snapped so you'll need to have a machine shop extract and replace them
Injen MSP Intake w/ maf
Mazdaspeed branded plastic engine cover (has a crack in it that can be easily fixed)


UPDATE: Turbo + housing and fittings SOLD
OEM Intake $50 + shipping
Callaway turbo manifold $225
Mazdaspeed heatshield $25
Callaway downpipe $50
Mazdaspeed plastic engine cover w/ crack in it $25

MSP ECU $100
Injen intake w/o maf $OLD

Front side markers FREE?

Driver side fog light $OLD
Sparco pedals $OLD
Sparco shift knob $OLD

Injen CAI Paperwork, licenseplate, registration card and sticker $10 bucks?

Mazda OEM front lower Air Deflector

Part Number:B30P519K1B Decent condition $20?

Autometer 3 pod gauge bezel for protege
Used and has two small holes drilled into it already but not really visible. $50

Autometer Carbon Series Gauges
-Boost/Vacuum Gauge https://imgur.com/ZW4WJ8f P/N# 4701 $60
-Pryometer w/ temp probe https://imgur.com/hHUw035 P/N# 4743 + probe $150
-A/F Ratio Gauge (narrow band) https://imgur.com/jk3cFmd P/N# 4475 $60
More info here: http://www.autometer.com/gauges/carbon-fiber.html#1&profile=products
Comes with appropriate wiring and sensors if applicable. Wiring is obviously used but its mostly there and ready to use.

Prices are pick up and local pick up is not only welcome, its encouraged! Located in San Jose, CA. Otherwise, buy pays shipping and handling

Feel free to email me or PM me vitrium at gmail dott com
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2003 MSP (RIP)
floor mats avaible?

Hi floor mats are still available.

Sorry about the radio silence guys. The week leading up to labor day was busy at work, followed by a crazy heat wave on the west coast that shut down all my productivity...

Things are packed and PMs are being answered one by one. Lets get back to business


2001 Protege MP3
PM and email sent on side sills. So sad what happened to your brother. I hope he's doing better.
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MSP 1145
I'd be interesting in the rear trunk and the rear bench.

I'm in MD, so the only shipping I think I could handle is through greyhound
2003 MSP (RIP)
Boxing day! Who knew I would prefer a social life over parting out my brothers car...yes I'm still alive and figuring out how to move this stuff to individuals across the country.

To anyone asking about anything I haven't listed in this part out, the car is gone! Only this stuff remains.

Boxed and ready to go:
Mazdaspeed branded floor mats front (+ rears not branded)
OEM cat with second 02 sensor
Front seats taken apart (two LARGE boxes)