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2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues?

Excessive Fuel oil dilution isn’t a known problem with this engine, but it is prone to some level of fuel oil dilution. Short commute in cold weather makes the fuel dilution worst. Because the engine doesn’t get warm enough to burn the portion of the fuel that can seap through the oil.

I know people don’t like this answer, but the real solution to prevent fuel dilution problem, is to conduct regular oil changes.

Unless your driving habit changes (if it remains used very little and on short commute) and that fuel oil dilution is a concern, i would recommend doing oil changes based on time interval (i.e. months since last oil change) as oppossed to mileage. The logic here being that changing the oil brings in new undiluted oil, and that driving little is actually worst for oil dilution than driving a lot.
2020 CX-5 AWD
... It was used very little due to work from home situation etc. ....
One thing to be aware of is that being parked unused for a number of days is not a problem for a vehicle (except possibly running the battery down too low). What is likely to become a big issue is lots of short trips, without having regular 1/2 hour+ drives mixed in.

So if your driving pattern is almost all short trips, then doing regular Italian tune-ups can greatly improve the long term health of your vehicle. Just find a time on a local high speed highway when traffic is light, and drive 25 minutes or so to completely warm your vehicle up. Then when no one is anywhere close behind you and it's a straight and safe section of road, drop your speed down to 20MPH or so, and then push the gas pedal hard to the floor and keep it there until you reach 75, or whatever is +9 over the speed limit for that highway. You probably won't smell much gas from the dipstick after doing that a few times on a single drive, and your vehicle's engine is likely to say thank you by remaining problem free.