1st US Mazda dealership, University Mazda in Seattle, closing in June

I'm a new member of this forum. I'm sorry to come bringing sad news, but the nation's first Mazda dealership, University Mazda (1970) in Seattle, is closing June 1st. They are on leased land in the middle of the University District, and huge apartment buildings have been sprouting up all around them. An apartment building will be built where the dealership now stands.
I bought my first Mazda there in 2007, a Mazdaspeed 3. I serviced it their regularly and they are the BEST. Last month I bought another Mazda to put in my garage next to ol' Speedy3, a brand new Soul Red Mazda 6 Signature. Older now, I sometimes need a softer ride...
I heard they were closing when I went in to buy the new 6 from them. I bought from them, anyway, because they're good people. I will find another place to service the two Mazdas, but it won't be the same.

Thanks for the two great cars, U-Mazda, and 14 years of great service. Manager Chris Reeves, salesperson Hunter Reeves, finance officer Winnie Lam, Service Rep Brian Said...Everybody,, you're all wonderful people! You're leaving a hole in our city and in my heart


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I am surprised they're closing instead of relocating...I thought car sales are spiking again.
They sold a lot of cars. But there are Mazda dealers 10 miles north and 20 miles south. Competition must be fierce lately. A shame, a great dealership (in a really cool building).


Wow, sad to hear...First Mazda Dealership in the US, didn't know that...They're part of Mazda's history no doubt, sad to see they're not continuing...:(
I believe they were an independent dealership set up directly with Mazda in 1970 before Mazda America started to network dealerships here.
I just toured the old building, which is near the new one pictured. Pretty cool. So sad they're closing...