1973 Mazda RX-2 driven by Able Ibarra damaged in Fastest Car Show

Former CX-5 Own
[Spoiler alert!]
The Netflix show, Fastest Car, which shows sleeper cars drag racing a super car, featured a Vintage 73 RX2 with a large turbo which was driven by Able Ibarra. Able, which was racing Mazda rotaries years ago, was hit by a Datsun converted to use an electric motor. The Datsun driver hit Able when losing control right after launch, immediately ending the race for both cars.

In fact, that was a big bummer, at the other 2 cars were the Lambo Aventador, driven by a lady which did not seem to understand racing and failed to engage her launch control, losing precious 1~1.5 seconds to all other drivers, and a "rolling coal" diesel guy, which won only because of the accident and the Lambo's failed launch. It was supposed to be interesting to see the electric, with it's huge torque from standstill vs. the light RX2, with high end HP give a real fight in this race, but it did not happen.

Abel was hit and cannot afford to fix the vintage RX2. People opened a Go FundMe campaign to help him.