'02-'03 Protege & MSP Mazdaspeed Parts

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03 Mazda Protege5
Update: ALL ITEMS ARE GONE. Thanks for viewing (thumb)
TURBO [throw me an offer] (Radiator, pipes, stock manifold, heat sheild etc) SOLD/SPOKEN FOR
MSP ECU $100.00
Mazdaspeed Protege 2003.5 Yellow Wing $160.00
Racing Beat MSP rear sway bar $60 SOLD/SPOKEN FOR
MSP front lower sway bar $80 SOLD/SPOKEN FOR
Mazdaspeed Protege AC Compressors $80.00
Master cylinder
MSP Shift boot/knob

Hey M247! I have a bunch of parts I am getting rid of. I stripped a *03 Yellow MSP (threw a rod), and have other parts from an '02 and '03 protege. I'll list a bunch of stuff, but ask if you are looking for something not on the list. I don*t have everything off the MSP, but most of it. I tried to reference prices from similar listings, but let me know if something seems way off. Can get better pics of anything, just ask. Items are in storage, so it may take me a bit to respond to some questions/requests. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Prices negotiable. I want to clear out my space.

TURBO [throw me an offer]
Mazdaspeed Protege 2003.5 Wing $160.00
Mazdaspeed heatshield $25.00
Mazdaspeed Protege AC Compressors $80.00
Mazdaspeed Protege Engine Cover $65.00
Front side markers $5.00 each
Headlights $100.00 Sold
front strut bar $200.00
Racing Beat MSP rear sway bar $60
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Aluminum valve cover $50.00
2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege Pedals $80.00
2003 Mazdaspeed Protege MSP Turbo kit [I have to inspect for condition, will update this weekend]
Tower strut bar $40.00
3rd Brake Light Cover $20.00
floor mats (worn) $10.00
HVAC Controls $55.00
Instrument panel $250.00Sold
Interior door trim $80.00
front seats $200.00 for the driver 250 for the passenger OBO plus shipping (driver's side has moderate wear around the seam)
Kenwood Subwoofer and remote $100.00 (small crack in outer housing)
Mazda MP3 engine cover $50.00
Mazda Protege 2.0L Automatic Radiator $80.00
MSP Door Panels $70.00
MSP 03.5 shift boot - $10.00
MSP ECU $100.00
window regulators $25
P5 fog lamps (chip on edge of one) $60
4 tinted windows (rear are darker than front)
Eibach lowering springs $100
Purchased from Jackie Chan, but not installed. Note from JC: "bottom section of the front springs are covered with some 1/2" heater hose. I left it on there in case you want to run them how I did. I removed the lower rubber spring isolators in the front (about 3/4" tall) and put the rubber hose around the spring instead. This lowers the front about another 3/8 to 1/2" and evens out the front and back perfectly. Eibachs tend to sit a little lower in the back. I experienced absolutely no noises or issues of any kind with that setup. It's an old mustang trick. Or you can take them off and run the isolators, your call."

I don*t have the muffler, lip/bumper, doors, trunk lid, (will update)

Pics located here: https://sites.google.com/view/mazdas247 New Pics Added

I have purchased a couple of times from users on the site, but never sold here, so here is my ebay profile to show I'm reliable. https://www.ebay.com (commissions earned)
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02 Protege5, 03 Protege5
Location?, protege5 manifold shield, and floor mats shipped to 36093? OEM p5 radio? Pics of floor mats. Are they from a msp or a p5?
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Would love to know if this is the subwoofer that fits in the trunk ceiling?
03 Mazda Protege5
I'm in San Francisco, CA. No radio, but the mats are from a P5. I'll get pics this weekend and get a shipping quote.
03 Mazda Protege5
It is. It has brackets that attach behind the seats. I'll get you a pic of the crack soon. It didn't seem to affect anything, but so you are aware.
03 Mazda Protege5
Hey everyone, I put more pics on the site link, including the turbo, subwoofer, and floormats.


Yellow MSP

Thanks for the awesome help with the seat covers and meeting up to complete the deal. I would recommend kherova as a quality seller.
03 Mazda Protege5
Do you still have the sway bars? I didnt see them in the pictures
Here are the pics




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