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    Returning your lease to the dealership

    NEVER buy out your lease and try to sell it and thinking you can make money, it's the BIGGEST mistake you will make. i work in the industry, i know how it is. Current used car market is growing.. but it's not THAT stronge. even the dealers in toronto don't want to buy the lease return vehicle...
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    New to the Mazda Family

    tons of mods u can do to the thing. i'm a grey 08 GT owner here.. did a few mods myself.. u can find pictures of it on the appearance section
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    2008 Mazda5: Fan-speed issue

    i had it happen to me a while back.. i was coming back from a fishing trip. I kept driving and my car actually started over-heating. the needle shot right up to HOT!!! according to the tech, if the car is over heating, the a/c will stop working. if i remember correctly, my blower fan was...
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    Post pics of your Mazda5

    or u can do what i did, buy a lip that's not meant for our cars.. lol
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    New guy

    welcome to the club. i'm from toronto too. we have a small club started here.. toronto mazda 5
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    Post pics of your Mazda5

    woohooo another galaxy grey 5 gt owner!!! gratz with the purchase, u'll love the car. i don't have any of the installation picture, i'll try to take some more picture up close on the lip, there is a big gap between the lip and bumper i didnt' like too much. it makes it looks more like a...
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    Post pics of your Mazda5

    Thanks, i'm the grey 5 owner. i was having second thoughts before putting the front lip on. turns out to be ok..
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    bayson R lip - on a 08+ opinion

    oh oops.. lol didn't see it.. i was probably on my phone when i reply to the post. my bad sigh.. guess i have to wait until stuff for 08 to come out..
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    bayson R lip - on a 08+ opinion

    i don't see one for 08-09 model
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    bayson R lip - on a 08+ opinion

    so i'm guessing the 06-07 lip will fit on the 08? am i correct? dima
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    Passenger Side Air bag Seat Sensor Recall?

    same problem with mine... but keep in mind. with a 85 pounder sitting up front minus the leg. it's probably under 60 pound. i don't think it's malfunctioning.
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    Help with after market remote starter

    I would call Duval Mazda and ask them about it. from the looks of it. if u press and hold the key button, that should start the car. if it doesn't. it might be press twice.
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    Crystal White Pearl and LEather Options

    the beginning of 08 model only comes with sand leather interior, while near the end of 08 black leather were avaible.
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    Moving On

    oh man.. i miss the mazda world too.. the nissan world is RETARDED...
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    Moving On

    u didn't hear? the gala got cancel. master sales club is no more... lol
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    Moving On

    Sad to say, i have just left the Mazda world. I became a business manager at a nissan store in toronto area. still love my 5 and will stand by it. =P
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    Insurance rates for the Mazda5

    my rate is at 226/month same as last year.. didn't go up or down...
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    Important Update For GTA Members

    i'm still here.. i check the forum almost everyday. on here and torontomazda5
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    Important Update For GTA Members

    Important update for Mazda 5 owner. As some of you know, i work at a local mazda dealership. i have talk to my parts and service manager. 15% off parts, and 10% off service for club member. you can message me for more detail.
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    for GTA members mini MEET this Sunday, February 1st @ 6pm

    r we meeting with the M6 club too? i'll be there this time around.. finally.. lol 1.DIMA_RUS (Dima) 2.Blacktalon13 (Johnson) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.