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  1. sm1ke

    Theft detect -after changing engine

    Hi! If many mechanics have tried to troubleshoot your issue with the car right in front of them, and they haven't been able to resolve it, you're going to have to provide a lot more information about the car and what's happening with it for non-mechanics/users on an online forum with no access...
  2. sm1ke

    Guide: Mazda Firmware Update Information

    Yes my CX-9 was on 59.xx.xx firmware and I did the single file update. I think you can still do the upgrade to the failsafe and the final upgrade safely, even if your firmware version is on or above 55.00.650A (NA N) or the 56.00.100A (EU N or 4A N). For those newer versions, you simply have the...
  3. sm1ke

    All weather floor and cargo mat recommendations

    I'm at 6 years with my OEM premium liners. About 5 years in, I noticed some wear where I rest my heel, but I think that's a me problem. I covered it with a heel plate and all is good. When I clean and condition them, they look brand new.
  4. sm1ke

    New battery at 45,000 miles? 2020 CX-9

    I think it's less about the mileage, and more about how long your commutes are, your climate, and the age of the battery. Also, battery maintenance and care plays a role. Short commutes result in the car not running long enough to recharge the battery. Hot weather can also contribute to a...
  5. sm1ke

    Brake knocking noise...Anyone else? 2017 CX-5

    If you can take a video recording of the knocking sound, it would help to narrow down the potential cause. Has the dealership checked for any loose bolts or fasteners under the hood? Some people reported a knocking sound that went away after tightening the windshield cowl bolts, but for them...
  6. sm1ke

    2016~2023 CX-9 Adjustable rear camber arms?

    As far as I can tell, camber bolt kits are only available for the front. Nothing for the rear.
  7. sm1ke

    2016~2023 CX-9 Adjustable rear camber arms?

    Bumping this up.
  8. sm1ke

    What have you done to your Mazda5 today?

    Sadly GMaps did the same thing for me a couple of times. Wish there was a way to configure it to avoid unpaved roads, like some other manufacturers offer. Glad to hear your 5 kept up though! Sounds like it's earned its next carwash lol
  9. sm1ke

    My Short Dealership Story, so far (2016 CX-5)

    I have doubts that they did anything with the transmission at all. Maybe they're just saying the car needs a trans flush so they can get it back in their shop and fix whatever they (accidentally or intentionally) broke. @MZDA305 could always sprinkle some talcum powder on the transmission fluid...
  10. sm1ke

    Recommended cargo floor cover/mat? 2021 CX-9

    Does it need to be "leakproof"? The OEM mat is what I have in my 2018. It's a soft rubber mat, mounted with velcro. It covers everything from the top of the seat to the liftgate with the 3rd row down, but it is a 2-piece mat to prevent it from pulling away from the seat back when the 3rd row is...
  11. sm1ke

    My Short Dealership Story, so far (2016 CX-5)

    Torch that dealership! Not literally of course, lol. But people deserve to know what happened to you and why you won't be coming back. Glad to hear you'll be getting the car back today, hope all is well with it.
  12. sm1ke

    My Short Dealership Story, so far (2016 CX-5)

    Be vigilant, they may say that Mazda denied the goodwill repair and try to charge you for a transmission replacement job. This is why I suggested pulling codes and calling Mazda Corporate to verify that a case was opened on your behalf for a goodwill transmission replacement. If no case has been...
  13. sm1ke

    My Short Dealership Story, so far (2016 CX-5)

    If it wasn't obvious, I would go through the motions because I wouldn't want a shady dealer to pull the same crap on another customer. Most owners, especially new car owners, go to the dealership for service work because they assume that the dealership knows best, which is typically true. But it...
  14. sm1ke

    Rotors, pads and associated hardware - 2019 CX-5 Turbo

    No need for new rotors unless you've got pulsing or uneven wear/cracking on the rotors/pads (scoring on the rotors). Or unless you just want clean, rust-free rotors or the look of drilled/slotted rotors. You can check RockAuto for parts and prices, or for a Canadian alternative...
  15. sm1ke

    My Short Dealership Story, so far (2016 CX-5)

    Unfortunately, it sounds like this dealership is trying to take advantage of your wife. If you can, go to an independent shop or any auto store to see if they can pull codes for you. If there is an issue with the transmission, a code related to the transmission should be stored. If there is no...
  16. sm1ke

    Class action settlement for defective exhaust valve seals/oil burning on 2021 CX-5, CX-9 2.5T etc

    Agreed, I'd take a video showing this issue as suggested, upload it to YouTube, then bring it back to the dealership. As far as I can recall, those who have had this repair done have not mentioned excessive smoking post-repair. Can any owners who have had this repair done chime in on @dauss'...
  17. sm1ke

    Brakes are soft after caliper paint job (2024 CX-5)

    I would probably just see if your mechanic friend can assist. Or, just take it back to the dealer and tell them what's happening, and hope you can get it covered through warranty.
  18. sm1ke

    Brakes are soft after caliper paint job (2024 CX-5)

    It's possible. Maintenance mode needs to be engaged on any car that uses an electronic parking brake - in this case, when working on the rear brakes, you're supposed to put the car in Maintenance mode, which retracts the piston for you so it doesn't have to be done by hand. In your case, the...
  19. sm1ke

    2016~2023 CX-9 Adjustable rear camber arms?

    According to one guy I talked to, the Swave ones don't even fit well, they required some notching in the subframe to fit properly.
  20. sm1ke

    2016~2023 CX-9 Adjustable rear camber arms?

    So the 2nd gen CX-9's rear camber cannot be adjusted. Because I have lowered my car a bit, I now have a bit of negative camber in the rear. Does anyone know if there are any aftermarket solutions available? I have seen these ones by Swave, but as far as I know, they don't sell them online, and...