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    MPI Tuners / Perfect Power SMT6

    So I just purchased an old Perfect Power SMT6, thinking it would be the cheap ($70) way to do a little tuning on my engine. However I cannot find any info on how to wire this into the MSP's ECU, so I'm here for help. I have the wiring diagram for the SMT6 but I can't make sense of what it all...
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    Perfect Power Wiring.JPG

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    Cheap tuning?

    I just finished building my engine last week, I've got K1 H-beam rods, Wiseco forged pistons, ARP head studs and a Cometic head gasket, so I want to turn up the boost. It's a FMIC. Right now it's running 8 lbs, I'd like to reach 15 lbs. Anyway I know nothing about tuning and I'm practically...
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    Help! I messed up my electrical

    So I was mid way through putting in some auxiliary lights in my car that would turn on when the door opened/go off when it is shut, and I accidentally touched the power to the switched ground, which I tapped into from the wiring to the dome light. Now none of it works. The door switches do...
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    piston size?

    gotta get new pistons, not sure how to tell if mine are stock bore or not. the only markings on top of the piston is a 15, but i've searched quite a bit and cant find any information on what that means. i plan to have the engine bored, but obviously only if there is a piston available bigger...
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    Stock Protege Engine in Mazdaspeed Protege

    I ended up getting it for $200. its not in bad shape physically, no rust, hood needs repainted, few little dents, interior is decent. the big problem is the engine. I'm trying to decide if i want to swap my protege transmission over with the engine, or keep the msp trans. looks like the only...
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    Stock Protege Engine in Mazdaspeed Protege

    New to the forum, I've had a stock protege for a while now, fresh rebuild on engine. Just found a Mazdaspeed Protege that runs bad, I can pick it up for $300. My current protege is the base model, crank windows, boring light grey interior, no tachometer, minimal features. Anyway I'm wondering...