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    CX-70 Car and Driver Review

    That makes no sense. Mazda corporate's customers are the dealers that buy the vehicles from them. They all buy for invoice price
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    Class action settlement reached for defective exhaust valve seals/oil burning on 2021 CX-5, CX-9 2.5T etc

    Hopefully the same thing happens for the cylinder head crack issue. It affects many more vehicles than the valve stems
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    CX-5 heater core issues discussed on another Mazda forum

    here's the newer version of the TSB
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    2021 CX-5 GT: No Cylinder Deactivation?

    it won't say anything about it there. you have a 2021 non-turbo. you have CD
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    CX-90 PHEV: Looking for lease numbers / deals

    a CX90 Premium PHEV is at .00289 while the CX90 Turbo S Premium is at .00081 and a CX5 Premium Plus is .00084. that's what I mean by stupid high. On a $60k vehicle it basically cancels out the $7500 tax credit
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    CX-90 PHEV: Looking for lease numbers / deals

    the problem with CX-90 PHEV leases right now is the money factor. it's just stupid high for some reason
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    look on cargurus. they have graphs that show that kind of info
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    2019 Mazda Infotainment Update $40?

    $40 is about half the price most dealers charge. although imo it should be free
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    The Next-Generation Mazda CX-5 Will Be Hybrid

    It will likely be a mild hybrid or at least that have that as an option
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    CX-90 Anbingo All Weather Floor Mats

    those look really slippery
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    2024 CX-5 Skips/lurches

    This can sometimes happen when acceleration is babied at low speeds. Take it on the freeway and while merging, floor it a couple of times (through the kickplate) to redline.
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    2017~2024 CX-5 Chirp Noise from Automatic Transaxle on 3-4 upshift - Bulletin 05-005/23

    Check with the dealer again to see what your cost would be with Mazda contributing to it. Sometimes a dealer will bill differently for a 100% customer pays job vs a partial Mazda payment job
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    Grounding Cylinder Head Test Results (2024 CX-5 Turbo)

    What grounding kit did you use?
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    CX-5...No Fog/Driving lights?

    Mazda says that the improved lights and beam pattern on the newer ones makes fog lights unnecessary
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    Past dealership service records for CX-5 I just bought?

    You don't have to contact multiple dealers. One will be able to access the details of the work done at any other Mazda dealer. They may want to confirm that you are the owner
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    2.5 NA Cracked Cylinder Head with Oil leaking...How common is this?

    Are the are the 2.5 NA cylinder head cracks in the same area as the CD and Turbo engines?
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    2.5 NA Cracked Cylinder Head with Oil leaking...How common is this?

    When it's oil change time, just take it to a dealer and ask that when they do the multi-point inspection if they could also check for any leaks or cylinder head cracks. It's still under the powertrain warranty and anything found will be covered
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    1st to 2nd Gen CX-5 Front control arm upgrade

    There have also been something like 9 revisions to the CX5 LCAs since 2017
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    EPA Mileage rating change from 2023 to 2024 CX-5?

    Early 2024 models had 1 mpg higher on the window sticker. The ones made after Nov 23 show the lower rating
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    Pre-purchase help 2020 CX-5 Turbo?

    Ask the seller if you can take it to get inspected. Then take it to a Mazda dealer for a used car inspection. Depending on labor rates in your area, should run about $150