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    Missing 1 Lower Control Arm Bolt

    The middle bracket bolts, that goes through the bushing, are missing. I ordered it from the dealership, waited two weeks, and got the wrong bolts. As it as, 3/4 bolts are in both control arms. Recommend a site or hardware store? NAPA didnt have anything.
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    Dealer claims my radiator is cracked and leaking...

    Test it. Rent a kit from auto zone. Refund upon rental return. Its easy. I suck and I did it.
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    steering wheel vibration will not go away

    Noob here- unlikely wheel bearings and/or hub?
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    New Control Arm: Stiff/Stuck Ball Joints

    Got my other side (amazon and autopartswarehouse) and they feel the same. Hammer tapping does move them Both are Moog
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    New Control Arm: Stiff/Stuck Ball Joints

    Well, it moves a little. Tried a small 2lb hammer and tapped it harder.... Does not move freely, but maybe an inch with 2-3 taps
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    New Control Arm: Stiff/Stuck Ball Joints

    Moog RK620073 control arm w/bushings and ball joint. Out of the box, the ball joint does not move. Tapped it a few times with a hammer, and it did not budge. Is this normal for our car?
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    P5 Ball joints

    like i said, ignore the display pics.
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    P5 Ball joints

    @hornsfan, thanks
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    P5 Ball joints

    just wanted to say, i just had a very minor shipping issue with (really not entirely their fault, but the carrier) and they went above and beyond with their service...and they have free shipping for orders over $50. not trying to shill. like i said, i used rock auto...
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    P5 Ball joints

    Mine just went bad around 150,000m Originally ordered beck arnley through rock auto, but they sent out the completely wrong parts, and won't refund my expedited shipping until they receive the parts back. I haven't had a problem with them before, but their customer service was bad. Not...
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    control arm replacement: what brands

    What are good brands? curious about mevotech, the JC Whitney replacement brand, etc. I want good quality.
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    Looking to Purchase used P5

    Pics. Congrats.
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    Thank you Mazda247

    I had an awesome head gasket experience. I'm using this site again to replace my hubs (pressed by shop), and apparently my control arm since the ball joint cover is torn. This reminds me to donate.
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    How To Change Your Fuel Filter (lots of pics)

    ****, guess I might as well do it ...after I replace my front wheel bearings and find the vacuum leak.
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    When to Replace Wheel Hub?

    I suck with mechanics. I assume I should be fine since the noise is fairly recent. Thanks!
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    When to Replace Wheel Hub?

    Pretty sure my front wheel bearings are bad (droning/humming changes with speed), and if not, they have 153k on them, so I might as well. Should I replace the front wheel hub at this time? If not, when and why? Its under $100 for both front wheel hubs. Im getting the SKF wheel bearings, SKF...
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    used engine source

    I was under the impression that JDM motors had slight differences and needed some different stuff.
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    used engine source

    Solved my p0300 and p072, was chasing a vacuum leak and worried by white odorless exhaust smoke. Dipstick looked fine but the oil cap actually had some milk shake. Had the head gasket fixed 20,000 miles ago. I like the car. I think it would be better to replace the engine vs another hopeful...