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    Quick 'keyless' question

    None of the CX-5 models have seat memory. You will have adjust seat position every time driver changes.
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    I got it

    In my case it took a little bit more, about 2000 miles, but the smell its gone.
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    Wind noise at higher speed

    I confirmed that the plastic piece is the source of the noise by fixing it. I removed the plastic by gently pulling from the bottom. There are two tabs that release relatively easily. The top slides out. I dipped 3/4 of plastic (the top portion) in hot (boiling) water. After 30 seconds I removed...
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    Wind noise at higher speed

    The plastic (rubber) piece on the passenger side is more loose than the one on the driver side. The noise is more rattling than whistling and it's definitely much worse in crosswinds. The plastic piece might be the culprit.
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    Wind noise at higher speed

    I've had my CX-5 for over 6 months now and I've been very happy with the car. The only annoying problem is wind noise. This only occurs at speed above 60 or higher winds. As I can tell, something around passenger A-pillar catches wind. It could be wiper, roof rail or plastic cover at the bottom...
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    Not receiving text messages ?

    Samsung galaxy s4 works fine.
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    CX-5 Navigation acting crazy

    I think he just put the SD card back into slot.
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    hitch mounted bicycle racks

    Because when it wasn't listed for 2014 model I asked etrailer. They told me that it wasn't compatible.
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    hitch mounted bicycle racks

    I assume you have 2013 CX5 model because this hitch will not fit 2014.
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    How much are you paying for synthetic oil change?

    $65 for Mazda synthetic and tire rotation.
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    Walk Away Lock & Auto Lock Options

    Doors will not lock if a key leaves car surrounding before a passenger closes door. I've learned to wait for everyone to close doors and then leave. Chas is correct about the other question
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    MPG keeps getting better and better

    I'm also seeing improved mileage. I started with 24-25 city and now I get 26-27 (this is without AC). AC brings back mileage to 24-25.
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    Samsung galaxy s4

    Obviously, Samsung had done some work in this area since Google Play shows metadata in my CX-5.
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    Samsung galaxy s4

    It's Verizon phone with Android 4.2.2.
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    Samsung galaxy s4

    I just bought a new Samsung galaxy s4 and it works very well with my Mazda cx5 2014. Bluetooth connects quickly and reliably. I tried other music apps beside Pandora and they do display artist name, song and album. The only thing that is not working is song progress. It stays at 0.00 all the...
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    Anyone experience exhaust clearance problem (vibration noise) with Curt hitch?

    I have class III Curt hitch and I don't have any problems with hitch hitting the muffler.
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    Updating TomTom

    Did you select 'Use Latest Map Guarantee' in TomTom Home tools menu? If not, try it.
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    question about headlights? please read

    Oh no. Brad33 is back.
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    1st oil change????

    2.5l engine takes 4.8qt with filter replacement.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I actually got hood clear bra. I don't care about bumper since it's not going to rust. Waiting for nicer weather to install.