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  1. PaulZooms

    What to expect at 100K miles? 2013 CX-5

    I had Brakes Plus do my rears about 60k miles. Pads only for $235 on sale IIRC. Not a squeak.
  2. PaulZooms

    Is LKAS improved on the CX-90?

    At least they offer the feature on one model now. Perhaps it will be added to lower trims in future years. I just don’t get why they limit such an important feature IMHO to the top of the line trim. Other brands include lane centering in all but the lowest stripper trim. The lack of it on all...
  3. PaulZooms

    Is LKAS improved on the CX-90?

    Does it now do lane centering like almost every other brand, or does it still react late to line approach causing the ping pong effect?
  4. PaulZooms

    Which tire would you choose?

    I wouldn’t buy tires from a dealer, period. I did once and learned the hard way. The 60k warrantied tires were down below 4/32nds at 40k miles. The dealer said ‘oh, well, contact the manufacturer to see what they’ll do.’ No thanks, life is too short to wrangle that bum steer. Since then, I buy...
  5. PaulZooms

    2017 CX-5 Faint Whine Noise over speakers

    I had a similar issue on a RAV4. Sounded exactly the same. The solution was to get a shielded USB to lightning cable. Totally eliminated the annoying whine.
  6. PaulZooms

    Looking at buying used 2016 CX-5 Touring

    Don’t believe the haters overblown bs. My 16.5 GT is pushing 70k miles. We recently had our first repair- replacement of the power seat wire harness for < $100. We recently completed several ‘mid-life’ services adding up to ~$1k: Transmission flush and fill, fuel injector cleaning and rear...
  7. PaulZooms

    2013~2016 CX-5 Power Seat Slide Adjuster Motor…Small Cable Part #?

    The drivers seat motor started screeching last week. Yesterday the cable (TK81-88-0D1) was replaced and it resolved the issue. $22 for the part, $51 for the labor and $9 for shop supplies. Mazda Extended Confidence service plan covered all but the supplies. First claim since Factory warranty...
  8. PaulZooms

    CX-5 Half Year Updates?

    2016.5 did.
  9. PaulZooms

    What are your expectations for the CX-70?

    I’m hoping for: - a design as sharp looking as the CX-90, - a width between the CX-60 & -90, and - a foot or so longer than the -60. - PHEV pricing $5k less than the -90, - with a few more miles of all-electric range - and light interior color choices like parchment or that nice brown on the...
  10. PaulZooms

    Beast in the Snow

    Ah, a fellow tire connoisseur! I manage the rubber for the 6-car family fleet. Newest experiment is putting Michelin CrossClimate2 tires on my Daughter’s Ioniq 5 AWD.
  11. PaulZooms

    CX-60 Low Battery Risk (12v)

    My e-bike has 5 ah!
  12. PaulZooms

    2013~2016 i-Activ AWD CX-5 Impressed me in Northern MN

    My CX-5 with DM-V2’s is an absolute tank in snow & ice.
  13. PaulZooms

    2016 CX-5 Sport Infotainment resets time and preset radio stations randomly

    Also, test the battery. Head unit is probably very sensitive to voltage drops. How old is the battery? Might be worth spending some $ to eliminate that as cause. I’m on my second replacement battery on my 16.6 GT.
  14. PaulZooms

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope you and yours are well and together this holiday. I’m thankful for the Mods & Admins who make this site worth visiting every day! What are you thankful for?
  15. PaulZooms

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Probably not. Encouraging concise writing is a good thing. The snark, not so much.
  16. PaulZooms

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    TL;DR. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but not quite at length.
  17. PaulZooms

    Next Gen CX-5

    Lack of a rear wiper sucks, but is manageable in Denver’s dry climate. Seattle, not so much. Not worried about ground clearance - that’s duty for our CX-5 with Blizzaks.
  18. PaulZooms

    Next Gen CX-5

    Mine is - Hyundai Ioniq 5 AWD Limited. This replaced my wife’s RAV4. Thinking about a PHEV when it’s time to replace the CX-5. CX-70 sounds like a definite possibility in a few years.
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  20. PaulZooms

    What's the tire consensus?

    Thanks for the report, @kone. I’m strongly leaning towards a set of CC2’s for my AWD Ioniq 5 when the OEM Michelin Primacy Tour A/S set wears out. Will see what TireRack scores are for less expensive alternatives are when the time comes. I’ve got a set of Blizzak DMV2’s for my CX-5, so that’s...