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    Straight 6 skyactiv-x engine in development

    A Mazda straight 6- I WANT IT! My E36 BMW had a straight six and it was smooth and zippy. A Mazda sedan with a straight six would be so awesome. As for the new Supra, I was a little disappointed to see Toyota use a BMW engine instead of creating their own successor to the 2JZ. I wouldn't even...
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    Another Mazda Joins the Family

    My Dad has had his '16 CX-5 for not quite a year and it's been great. Recently my older sister decided she wanted to buy a new car for herself, so since I am the "family car expert" she asked me what kind of cars she might want to look for. She said she wanted a crossover-type vehicle and she...
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    Totaled Our CX-5

    Wow glad your wife is okay. It looks like the car crumpled like it was supposed to. I'm a little surprised they totaled it, there must be some pretty bad damage to the k frame and/or the front rails. I worked in auto body for eight years and we pulled stuff that looked much worse than that.
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    When and Why Did Mazda Lose "Zoom Zoom" at start up?

    Lol, now you're digging pretty deep into the archives! Mazda has dialed back the Zoom Zoom stuff but they haven't completely eliminated it. It still appears in some advertising and you can still get plate frames and other stuff from Mazda that say Zoom Zoom on them. I think to this day the...
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    Post Pictures of Your CX-5 Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    I agree, black or red ones wouldn't look good, I'd rather just have the holes. I wonder if you could just buy some of those same plastic rivets (they sell them at auto body supply shops and parts stores) and paint the heads the same color with touch up?
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    Did someone hit me?

    Your car is gonna get hit eventually, and if you are worried about that, you're gonna need therapy when someone does this and drives away- Yeah, that happened to my Outback while it was parked. s*** happens, everything can be fixed. It's not gonna be new forever.
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    Dead Pedal / Sport Pedals

    I added the OEM dead pedal to my dad's CX-5 because the carpet there was starting to wear. I think it's kinda cheesy that Mazda didn't put a vinyl or plastic pad over the dead pedal to begin with. The aluminum one from Mazda is nice though. Eventually I'll get the accelerator and brake pedals too.
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    Post Pictures of Your CX-5 Mods, Upgrades and Accessories!

    Thanks for the update, they are actually a little bigger than I thought they would be. $27 seems a bit steep for what they are, but I think they are definitely the best option if your bumper came with holes already drilled in it (like my Dad's did).
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    Piano Black on the interior. You guys are right about scratching easily.

    Because it looks nice when it's new in the showroom.
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    Mazda's Cars Are Good But Its Dealers Are Still Kind of Awful

    My dad and I had an extremely similar experience with the finance guy when my dad bought his CX-5. The salesman was great, the finance guy was awful. He kept pushing a third party warranty that we didn't want. I do remember him try to sell a tire and wheel protection plan. He showed us one of...
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    Mazda's Cars Are Good But Its Dealers Are Still Kind of Awful

    Actually when my mom had her Kia the dealer was pretty good. The car was steaming pile of crap, but the dealer who worked on was good. At least the service was, I don't remember the sales. Neither, forgo both and get a basic AAA membership.
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    Pricey Oil Changes!

    Wow, what a difference between dealerships. I returned the two filters and crush washers to the first dealership today. They took forever to actually get to me (no one was in front of me), and once they did gave me a scoff and eyeroll over having to do a return. Then i went to the second...
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    Mobil1 oil $10 rebate, with filter $17 rebate

    That's a great deal! Mobil uses trinuclear moly in most if not all of their synthetics IIRC, very stout oil.
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    2019 CX-5 signature / Mazda Roadside Assistance story (long)

    That's awful. Do you have AAA? It's well worth it to avoid dealing with stuff like this. If you tell them you don't think you are in a safe area they will usually have a truck there in a half hour or less.
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    Highest Mileage Skyactiv Engine?

    Yeah I don't have a lot of faith in all the "lifetime fluid" claims. The car is currently at about 35k miles, I'll probably do a drain and fill sometime between now and 50k miles.
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    Highest Mileage Skyactiv Engine?

    At what mileage is the auto trans fluid supposed to be changed? And by change, is it just a drain and fill or an actual flush?
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    Pricey Oil Changes!

    I spent a little time casually looking online to see if I could find a similar filter to the Mexico made one. So far the closest thing I've found is from Mahle. If you look up Mahle OC-711, it isn't the same but has some similar features. The baseplates are nearly identical. The gasket is the...
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    Oil question

    The main difference between the regular and high mileage oils is the add pack. The high mileage oils will usually have a slightly stronger additive package and they will also contain seal conditioners, which will cause the oil seals to swell a bit to help prevent leaks. You could use either...
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    Mazda's Cars Are Good But Its Dealers Are Still Kind of Awful

    I think that is company culture more than it is service people in general. Again as a technician who works at a dealership, if a customer brought me a TSB that dealt with an issue I had already supposedly "fixed" on their car, I would be extremely embarrassed. And the service manager would be...