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    Original clutch

    I had almost 275k miles on the original clutch when I sold it. No slipping, no issues at all. Still worked like new. Most of that was highway driving, in Florida and GA where there really aren't any big hills to speak of so I'm sure that contributed to the lifespan. But also knowing how to...
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    2002 Protege5 JDM Engine Swap help needed

    If I remember correctly, the routing of the harness for the crank sensor is kind of crappy. Very easy for it to get rubbed through or broken. I'd start there. It's easy to check.
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    Falsely overheated

    Also, you can get these at hobby lobby, walmart, joanne's fabrics, or pretty much anywhere. These are excellent for backprobing into connectors without piercing or damaging the wire to check for signal. You can usually find them in the sewing section at walmart...
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    Falsely overheated

    All good :) I've worked on many of those "problem cars" that dealerships couldn't fix, and I've fixed it before it goes to lemon law arbitration. So I know how frustrating it can be chasing your tail. Good luck! With enough persistence you can get it, and sounds like you're good there. Just...
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    Falsely overheated

    just my .02 here... I'm all about DIY and fixing things yourself. That's great. However auto electrical diag is a bit more involved than changing a belt or spark plugs. Of the many technicians/mechanics i've known or trained, (even dealership mechanics) about half, if not more, have the...
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    Tire Rub Help

    I think I would recommend taking it to a real shop with a reputation of actually working on and repairing cars. Not a lowrider shop. Those guys have no more training than bubba out in the back yard working in a patch of dirt. Sure he can lower a car or lift a truck, but that doesn't mean it's...
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    Painting Centre Console

    i redid mine with hammered silver just because it was pretty scratched up and worn. wasn't trying for "custom" just a refresh. krylon, let it cure overnight and put it back in good as new.
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    Protege5 Leak (tranny fluid). Which seal?

    Don't try and guess what it might be. When you're driving, wind blows fluids and stuff all over the place so who knows where it's REALLY coming from if it's everywhere. You need to pinpoint exactly what is leaking before going and spending a bunch of time replacing seals one at a time until you...
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    I was going to say that looks like they put a JDM engine in there. That sticker is something they install during timing belt replacement, and should say the date and mileage it was replaced. Since it's all Japanese labeling and KM on the label, I'd say that motor didn't come from the states :)...
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    3rd gear popping out (yes, another one of these threads : T)

    Mine did the same thing, it was motor mounts, particularly the one on the passenger fender. When I replaced it, the motor was "tweaked" just enough that it was throwing the shift linkage out of alignment just enough to pop out of gear. made it hard as hell to get into reverse as well. I...
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    Sorry to hear all that. LKQ sells good quality parts. Not saying that they're 100% tested and approved before hand (because they probably aren't) but... with LKQ at least you're dealing with a reputable nation-wide company that stands behind their parts. And they do offer a warranty (think...
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    I broke this help!

    I'd call the place you got the transmission from and see if they have another you could swap out. That's gonna be a considerable amount of work to change out that piece, not just a bolt-on type deal. If they won't help you, then you "could" cut the one off your transmission and weld it on, but...
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    Protege5 Instrument Cluster Malfunctioning (only in cold weather)

    I've seen bad grounds cause similar issues.
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    Water Leak In Rear Cargo Area

    OR, just use a straight pick, ice pick, punch, or even a philips screwdriver. Pop a couple holes in the bottom of the spare tire well, and each corner for the water to drain out of. Problem solved. Really no different than the inside of a door frame, water drips down the window, inside the...
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    How many miles does your P5 have?

    I did have a slight issue with coolant once. Kept disappearing, no leaks no idea where it went. I just assumed it was evaporating out of the reservoir because it was busted open lol. Then I looked and saw the inside portion of the radiator cap (that attaches to the spring and seals the hole)...
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    How many miles does your P5 have?

    I had a little over 270k miles on mine when I sold it, still running strong as ever. Didn't burn or leak any oil, I changed the oil every ~5k with walmart supertech full synthetic.
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    Fitment issues with 2017 MZ3 16" OEM Wheels [Solved]

    This is what I was going to suggest as well. There may be rings on the hubs to help the aftermarket wheels "center" on the hubs, because the bore is larger. Those rings may be covered/hidden in rust so they look like they are part of the hub now. If they're there, you should be able to just...
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    I think you'll be perfectly fine with that. :) As for the friend of yours, I don't know where he's shopping for an engine but that's definitely not the norm. most used engines come from salvage yards. reputable salvage yards will tag the engine with the VIN, mileage, and stock number of...
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    Agreed with i12. I'd push for the jasper engine if you can. They build good motors, I've used several with no issues. Long block is a full motor. Just without the bolt on accessories like intake manifold, alternstor, etc.
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    Oil drain plug flew out on highway

    Also, unless you dont know how to drive a stick, your clutch should be fine. I had my original clutch still when I sold my car, 270k+ miles, and it was perfectly fine. Never slipped or had an issue.