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    RPM drops, occasional DSC light on (2014 Mazda5)

    Does this car have an IAC? If so, clean it and the throttle body and if needed, replace the IAC. Also suspect the TPS like you mentioned.
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    Please Help! 2018 Mazda3 won’t start after being re-keyed with new fuel pump and starter relays

    Define..."won't start"? When you turn the key, what happens? Do you hear a click? Does the engine turn over but not fire up? Honestly between the security setups in modern cars and all the electronics between the key and the starter, you may need to take it to a dealer to get it sorted.
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    Major warning: Alternator or Charging System Malfunction? Mazda3

    No, a running motor after a jump doesn't mean the alternator is fine. The battery just needs to output the smallest of charges to keep the engine running. Only when you run that battery down to literally nothing, will the car not run after a jump. I've literally run a car with a disconnected...
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    2009 Mazda5 Coolant flange connector part #?

    Post a part number? Others may need it.
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    Mazda5 Rear wiper spring tension?

    I have never gotten aftermarket rear wipers to work. I get them from Mazda and they work fine.
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    Major warning: Alternator or Charging System Malfunction? Mazda3

    Go to Autozone and get the battery and alternator tested for free. Don't just buy a battery you may not need.
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    What’s wrong with my Mazda5? Blown radiator

    Flush your coolant. Why did you put that stuff in anyways? You can't seal a radiator leak. You must replace it.
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    2009 Mazda5 Coolant flange connector part #?

    What's a coolant flange?
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    2012 Mazda5 Touring with Shifting Problems

    Pretty sure your transmission has issues...especially if it won't reverse. I really doubt an ECM is going to fix anything. One thing you could work at is to get the wiring diagram for your car and focus on the P0757 code. I would check all grounds and power wires throughout the car as well as...
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    2018 Mazda3 Inconsistent issue: Code P2299

    I agree. I wouldn't worry about it just yet. But it does sound like the Pedal position sensor or throttle position sensor is going bad which makes sense from your symptoms and code.
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    2005 Mazda3 2.3l Oil pan replacement question

    Your Oil pan has a hole in it? Usually leaks are from the gaskets. Not sure they look different to me. They are not oriented the same so it's hard to tell.
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    Mazda5 Second Gen (08/09) to Third Gen (2012) Front Bumper Swap

    I doubt it. There were a lot of new lines added to the body. Maybe the bumper underneath will fit. But I doubt the bumper cover.
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    Mazda3 Engine braking causes limp mode

    What's an Engine Management Light? Is that the Check Engine Light, or CEL? What codes is it throwing?
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    Mazda3 Battery drainage issue

    If the fuse is hot\warm hours after driving...pull it before you burn your car down. When a fuse blows, do NOT replace it without checking that circuit. Fuses do NOT blow for no reason. My guess is your heater motor has gone bad and pulling too much current. You'll need a multimeter to make...
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    Looking for Spin on oil filter adapter (2006 Mazda3 2.3L)

    I got these from and have not put them on just yet (2008 Mazda 3 w/2.3L). Here are the part numbers: 1F20-14-310D Oil Filter Housing $17.12 1 $17.12 LF02-14-342 Oil Filter Housing Gasket $3.62 1 $3.62
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    P0171 System too lean (2010 Mazda3 2.0L)

    It's probably not the cold air intake but those things are pointless on modern cars and screw with the MAF. If you have the original intake, I would put it on to rule it out. The engine computer is saying you are getting too much air or too little fuel in the system. Check all vacuum lines...
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    Mazda3 Engine braking causes limp mode

    Year? Trim? Transmission? Engine?
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    Can not lock or unlock my Mazda3 2010 with the car key

    Did you just buy the car? Sounds like someone changed out the ignition cylinder with a new key.
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    2012 Mazda5 Weather stripping replacement questions

    You can go to, put in your vin and start making a parts list from the diagrams. There is a lot of weatherstripping on these cars. You may not want to replace all of it.