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    Dealer extended warranty. Worth it?

    Usually you can’t get a factory extended warranty once the factory standard warranty runs out. Powertrain is excluded. At least that’s how Honda does it. You would have had to extended it before 3/36.
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    About the Mazda “Lifetime” transmission fluid

    On my 19 pilot, I change it every 30k, but it’s extremely simple to do and you don’t have to drop the pan. That’s also not considered lifetime fluid. My only hesitation to doing it more frequently on the cx5 is dropping the pan and scraping the rtv sealant. Is it perhaps ok to just drain it...
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    About the Mazda “Lifetime” transmission fluid

    So what would be a reasonable interval to change the fluid? The powertrain warranty is 5/60 I believe. So is 60k about right?
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    Advice for first trip to indie mechanic? 2021 CX-5

    Yeah, this is true and I have a pen. The only issue is you are only testing the top portion of the reservoir as brake fluid doesn’t really circulate. It could be worse inside the caliper. It’s just better to bleed the fluid through every few years.
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    Dealer extended warranty. Worth it?

    That warranty price is flat out robbery. My dealer quoted me $1400, which I declined. The first price they threw at me was like $2500, but when I said no, they dropped to $1400. That tire warranty is even more egregious. What exactly is the warranty covering? Tires have a manufacturer...
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    Advice for first trip to indie mechanic? 2021 CX-5

    That’s not correct as mileage has nothing to do with brake fluid. Brake fluid is a regular maintenance item done every three years. Can you go longer, yes, but it starts to take on water and can reduce braking effectiveness by making the pedal feel spongy. The Mazda service schedule says...
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    Advice for first trip to indie mechanic? 2021 CX-5

    Brake fluid change.
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    2015 CX-5 with morning start up issues

    A few things to consider: Could be a fuel related issue. You might want to test fuel pressure. Could be your fuel pump is failing. Starter issue. How old is the battery? How many miles on the car? Could be you are due for spark plugs. I think non turbos are at 75k.
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    2015 CX-5 Inspection passed but note on bushings, brake fluid and rear shocks

    Eh, I’d still do it. You’ve got 114k miles, daughter leaving for 6 months to Michigan and also drives to Maine, that’s a lot of driving on some pretty crappy roads. The mechanic, who is quoting a pretty fair price and has been working on this guy’s cars for a long time, suggests it needs to be...
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    2015 CX-5 Inspection passed but note on bushings, brake fluid and rear shocks

    Very reasonable for all that work. Brake fluid is a priority if it’s been a while, like more than 3 years. Control arms are replaced as one unit, not just the bushing. $380 for rear shocks seems kind of cheap. Was that parts and labor? If it were me, I’d get it done. Will last you another...
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    Motive Products Power Bleeder Adapter for 2017 CX-5?

    I have one I use from cta tools. I don’t see the exact one I bought from the about a year or two ago, but here’s a link to what they offer now.
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    Pirelli Scorpion as plus 3 on CX-5 reviews?

    I had stock yokos on my 18 sport and 19 touring. What a crappy tire. Replaced them with scorpions, huge difference. Great handling wet or dry, very quiet. I have maybe 5-7k miles on them on both cars.
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    2019 CX-5 Brake questions

    I usually replace the rotors every other pad change, but it depends on condition of the rotors. If there is a decent lip on the rotor, I’ll replace it.
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    My infotainment mazda connect display system froze up on me today

    This is what I have. Do dealers update for free or do I have to pay some diagnostic fee when I tell them screen froze?
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    My infotainment mazda connect display system froze up on me today

    Older thread, but just had this happen on my 2019 touring. Started car in garage, froze on icon screen, drive a few miles, turn off car and restart. Screen still frozen. Phone is connected via cable and Apple Music through my phone is playing on the car speakers, but no Siri. Try to reboot by...
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    Anyone have an easy way to do your own tire rotation?

    I would not use Walmart for ongoing service. They are a nightmare to deal with. I bought tires from them, but that’s a one time thing. I do rotations myself. Take it to a dealer if you have too, or a local tire shop.
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    Intermittent power from USB port (2020 CX-5)

    Mine does the exact same thing, it’s pretty much unusable. Use the one designed for use with the infotainment screen/car play/AA and/or get a cigarette lighter. its not the cord, just a super cheap usb port. Might even be 1.0.
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    Looking for some help with a 2018 CX-5

    Nope, constant power. Only the one in the front by the shifter goes off with the car.