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    Steps for replacing Mazda CX-5 door applique?

    While it does not help you now, what I did when the car was new was to go to a shop and have 3M PPF applied to the Piano Black door pillar panels. This was in 2020 and so far so good. Something to consider for the future.
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    CX-5 GTR Totaled

    Glad to hear there were no injuries resulting from your accident. This may have nothing to do with your accident, but the IIHS updated side impact test comes to mind with the only small SUV receiving a good rating was the CX-5 for structural integrity and design. Be happy you were not in an...
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    Ugh...Tired of seeing the CX-5 everywhere

    Did the same thing, buying our 2014 2.5 in Spring of 2013. That car is still soldiering on today as our DIL's DD.
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    2017~2024 CX-5 Front Windshield Sun Shade…Feedback

    In my experience, I have had excellent usage out of the IntroTech roll up cover, the lowest priced one, since the late 1999 time frame. I have tried various segmented covers, but over time, they start to fall apart. Each IntroTech rollup sunshade is custom cut to your car model It is light...
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    2019 CX-5 Signature VS 2021 CX-5 Signature Handling

    According to the Google god, 11 pounds difference 2019 Signature: 3,825 2021 Signature: 3,836
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    2019 CX-5 Signature VS 2021 CX-5 Signature Handling

    I did, and it was within a pound or two high, but the tires were hot. So I suppose they could have been a couple of pounds below spec when cold.
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    Ugh...Tired of seeing the CX-5 everywhere

    it is a popular car, no doubt, but not as popular as my old Honda Accord. Back in the day when the I-405 in LA was 4 lanes, we had four Nice Blue Honda Accords lined up across all four lanes. Never had that with the CX-5, much less all the same color and same generation.
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    2019 CX-5 GT AWD brake rotor and pad recommendations?

    I have used Centric rotors from an auto parts shop on other cars with no issues. I know that StopTech and Tire Rack sell them online.
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    2015 CX-5 TPMS (ABS differential type) light on a hot day

    My wife's 2014 CX-5 GT had a similar issue. During the summer, the TPMS light would come on. I kept airing it up, actually to about 36 all round. Dealer finally diagnosed it as air pressure too high on those days approaching 100. He said the TPMS was not just for low pressure. Anyway, we...
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    2019 CX-5 Signature VS 2021 CX-5 Signature Handling

    Interesting observation between back to back driving of my wife's 2021 CX-5 Signature with 4K miles on it and my son's 2019 CX-5 Signature with 40K miles on it. Both are stock with original tires, potentially different gas in it, 91 octane premium in the 2021 and 93 octane Sunoco in the 2019...
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    Made the impossible Possible 😎 20" CX-9 GT rims on CX-5

    Looks great! Details please! Any mods necessary or just a bolt on? What tires? How much heavier is this set up over stock 19’s? What is the perceived ride and handling differences? Thanks. And beautiful looking vehicle!
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    Turbo Premium Vs Turbo Premium Plus Trim

    The 360 view is worth it just to protect the rims from the curb. Also good for tight parking!
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    How to remove window trim?

    Our body shop noted some of these trims are one use only designs and you will/may be unsuccessful in removing without breaking tabs etc. bottom line is we had to pay for new chrome trim pieces.
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    2017~2024 CX-5 Vs CX-50

    Although our mountains here on the east coast are no comparison to N. California mountains, but I will say that the sport mode makes a huge difference in curvy mountainous regions, affording you more control. The normal, non-sport mode, to me, seems to be highly biased toward optimizing mpg...
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    19's vs 20's

    I would pay attention to wheel weight. Each inch in diameter tends to add weight, as does width. Take a look at the specs for the BBS SX 19" x 8.5"= 13.6 - 14.1 kg 20" x 9.0" = 16.3 - 16.9 kg I have not found a definitive weight for the stock 19" x 7" Mazda wheels [UPDATE - I found a reference...
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    Door sill protection

    I purchased a metal sill protector from eBay for the vinyl, and added clear protection on the white rocker panel, 3M Paint Protection Film. The eBay piece attaches with 3M double sided tape. The trick is to use a hair dryer to warm the adhesive, and use much more tape than that which comes...
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    Interior piano black covers

    Another potential, though probably expensive way, is to cover it with PPF like film. I had all the Piano Black exterior pillars on my wife's car covered with 3M PPF. Very good decision. No scratches, even after she runs it through our local car wash
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    Which CX-50 Color?

    You chose exactly what I think most people would choose. The greenish earth tones are coming back in, as you can see by the PPG color of the year Benjamin Moore color of the year Sherwin Williams color of the year Pantone color of the year, but they have always differed from the pack I am...
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    When did the crease line show up on door sills?

    Did not notice that on our 21. When I get home I will take a look.
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    26" Windshield wipers?

    Can you just use the inserts? I have done that before, but no idea about the construction of these RainX wipers. Main concern is 26 seems too long for the Gen 1 CX5, and you may be longer that windshield allows, and it may interfere with sensors in the windshield if you have them.