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    Mazda Connect Firmware 74.00.230A (now .324A)

    I would like that too, please let me know!
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    Trailer brake controller concerns (2018 CX-9)

    Thank you, I will have to look into those videos. I connected mine on a brake pedal wire, as when I was installing it that is what my directions said. Unfortunately the trailer brakes do not actuate when the car brakes using cruise control, only when I step on the brake pedal.
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    Trailer brake controller concerns (2018 CX-9)

    Do you know which wire from the hitch wiring is the stop light on the Mazda side of the harness?
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    2016+ CX-9 Owners - Have you replaced your battery yet?

    2016 78k miles. I think my battery is nearing the end of its life. I park in a garage so the car normally stays pretty warm, but I went camping in the mountains a few weeks ago and it got chilly (50F) in the mornings. There was a noticeable lag after I pushed the button until the engine turned...
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    2016~2023 CX-9 Windshield replacement

    I took mine to safelite when my windshield cracked, they got it all done correctly and recalibrated the sensors.
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    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement

    2016, 76000 miles, no leak.
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    DRSS Issue? (Distance Recognition Support System)

    My 2016 CX-9 does not show a car until I engage radar cruise control and there is a car. My wife’s 2017 mazda3 shows a car if any time it detects it, cruise control on or off. I like the 3’s way better.
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    2018 CX-9 fuel tank capacity question

    I consistently go over 420 miles before I fill up, when not towing. My miles to empty are often in the 440 range. The most I have put into my tank was 18.8 gallons, and I normally fill up before the miles to empty hit 0.
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    Tow Hitch

    I tow a pop up camper and have no problem using the reverse camera to align the hitch, no extra gizmos needed.
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    Tow Hitch

    Does anyone have a diagram/idea what wire are what at the trailer electrical connector?
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    2016~2023 2017 Does Apple Carplay Retrofit Remove the existing Mazda Navigation

    No, the Mazda navigation should still be there. My guess is the dealer took the SD card out and misplaced it and that is all that is missing.
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    Towing with your CX-9

    I have a A-frame pop up, around 2800#. I have towed to Florida from NC and I have gone up and down the hills in NC and TN. I have not had any problems. I use a sway bar but not a weight distribution hitch.
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    Remove Shifter Panel and Storage Cubby

    Check the thread in the infotainment section about installing AppleCarPlay/Android Auto. There are some instructions.
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    Smart City Brake Support" I guess?

    I used to sometimes start pulling into my garage when the door is still opening but above my hood. I quit doing that after the car twice applied full brakes as it thought I would hit the door. Glad it works as it should.
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    CX-9 Automatic Climate Control doesn't work on warm startup

    Mine does this after sitting in the hot garage. I think it is just a sensor feeding the computer incorrect data. The car thinks its really hot outside and will try to cool the interior down because that is what the sensor is telling it. Once I start driving and the OAT sensor reads the correct...
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    2016 Touring Dashboard airbag indentations

    If you mean those line I have them too.
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    Hitch Installation on 2018 CX-9 -- lower panel safe to remove?

    I have not had any problems. I think the hitch itself keeps the bumper pretty well in place.
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    2019 Infotainment system Lockups

    No problems here using Apple CarPlay.
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    Windshield divot and crack on 2018. Possible replacement woes?

    I had a crack and got mine replaced by safelite. They got the glass from Mazda as there were, according to them, no aftermarket shields available. I watched them put the windshield in, it was pretty interesting, calibrate all the stuff and so on. No issues for the last 1.5 years. I think the...
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    Brake Controller installation

    Take out the battery, you will see the loom behind and below the battery tray.