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    A New "Wax" product from Mequiars

    No I did not coat the windows. Don't think its meant to be for glass. Just did the painted surfaces. Doesn't affect the glass if some application gets on to it.
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    A New "Wax" product from Mequiars

    I used this Hybrid Ceramic Wax and the results are as the review mentioned, i.e. the paint surface on the car seems smoother and in the rain, i believe the surface repels the water better so the car doesn't look as dirty. I don't believe it gives a better shine to the paint surface though. My...
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    AWD compared

    No doubt probably 95% of owners of these vehicles would never go 4WDing but good to know how capable they are in some light offroading conditions or when you get into some sticky situations when you happen to veer off the beaten track. I always feel that extra confidence with the AWD when...
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    AWD compared

    Australian BASIC OFFROAD TEST - 10 SUVs compared. Tests were: Offset Mogul, Chassis Rigidity and Log test. Article Video Fair to say the CX-5 did excellent. RAV4 was a bit of a flop. The Tiguan failed the chassis flex test. The Subaru Forrester not surprisingly came out on top.
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    2019 Mazda CX-5 vs. 2019 Toyota RAV4 (Car&Driver)

    Anyone compared the Turbo with regular vs. premium fuel? Any noticeable difference?
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    You know you bought the right car...

    ... when you look back at it everytime after you've parked it. (as they say) additionally for me: ... when at home I occasionally pop into the garage just to have a look at it. ... when I take the scenic route every weekend drive. ... when I still give it a wash/clean knowing the forecast is rain.
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    2017 - 2019 wheels

    Both the Pre-2016.5 & 2016 19" looks the goods and matches the car nicely. i.e. Pre-16.5 with the honeycomb grill and 2-tone rims on the flat grill of the 2016.5 Not a fan of the pizza cutters but the 2019 - new 19" on the GTR matches the design of the car quite nicely.
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    March 2019 MNAO sales numbers

    In Australia, the CX-5 sales are stronger than ever. 2nd outright in Private sales behind Mazda 3 in the last 12 months. 5th outright for most sales YTD Overall. 1st in it's vehicle class by a big margin.
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    What Other Cars Do You Have Beside Your CX-5?

    Similar functionalities in many ways. My E90.
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    Live 2019 Mazda 3 Reveal

    The Diesel is not an issue. The latest version now produces about the same power as the 2.5G petrol and with 450Nm of torque. It's even the default and only engine choice in the new CX-8. Still disappointed with the non-debut of the Skyactiv-X as yet.
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    October 2018 Sales Ranking

    Excellent. Cheers for the info. Let's hope the momentum swings back up for Mazda this month in the US. Will wait and see.
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    October 2018 Sales Ranking

    It's 2000, not 52000! It's just the dodgy format. Looks OK on a desktop PC but saw it on phone with tapatalk and there was no space between the 5 and 2000. Sorry. How did sales of the CX-5 go in the US ?
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    October 2018 Sales Ranking

    CX-5 back to the top in it's segment for October in Australia: October 2018 Sales Ranking: SUV Medium< $60K Rank Vehicle Registrations this month 1 Mazda CX-5 2000 2 Subaru Forester 1792 3 Nissan X-Trail 1644 Source...
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    2017~2024 Chrome Haters, Beware :)

    Looks alright but not for me. I do like chrome pieces here and there in certain areas. Not a hater. Love white and the pinstripe!
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    Mazda beats VW... again

    Wow. The CX-5 is about a full second quicker to 60mph than the Turbo Tiguan in both AWD and FWD guise.
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    September 2018 Sales Figures For Australia - Mazda Hammered Especially CX-5

    Downturn in industry this month especially Mazda. Also probably because buyers went for the Big M day sale last month now come back down to earth. Itll shoot back up to the top again next month ;)
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    CX-5 - Again Australia's Top Selling SUV In August 2018

    Power reductions? That's where the 2.5T will come in handy ;)
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    CX-5 - Again Australia's Top Selling SUV In August 2018

    Hey Xeler8ing, I thought you would have changed your avatar by now :D Still cool tho.
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    CX-5 - Again Australia's Top Selling SUV In August 2018

    M day helped quite a bit to improve sales by 26%. Still wouldn't change the CX-5 rankings without it in my opinion. YTD figures will be strong. (thumb)
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    Mazda caught in emissions cheating scandal

    Let's wait until the official government report is released. At this stage, plenty of automotive companies are under scrutiny. It would be naive to think that most companies won't negligibly manipulate some variable parameters in their favour. There is a difference between falsifying tests and...