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    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in...

    Absolutely.. it'll be a slow process for a little while (or so I say). But starting with basics first. Fluids, plugs, hoses, ECT. But I say that with all my vehicles.
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    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in...

    Well, about 10 years after selling my msp and p5...I'm back in a Mazda with my FC RX-7 S5 vert. Black on black and completely stock except for the OG pioneer deck with the dolphins 😂. It needs some work but runs and drives. I'm thinking low and slow cruiser with some low key upgrades. Glad to...
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    10 sec daily driven protege

    ....there's a reason it hasn't been done already :)
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    2.0 fs auto transmission cold start problems

    176k and counting..... i picked up the car at 120k as a daily and i changed the fluid when i got it and just did it again when all this started happening. im happy it's lasted this long, just hoping it'll last a few more months so i can get some other things lined up. there is a used one for...
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    2.0 fs auto transmission cold start problems

    hello ladies and gents, I have been having issues with my transmission in the mornings, or anytime the car has been sitting for a period of time and becomes cold. on the initial start, it goes into reverse fine, but as soon as I shift into drive it doesn't move (almost like...
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    Is carbon fiber.......out?

    here it is on the car. next is the headlights
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    took off the plasti-dip and got a hood
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    The Moderately Low (Not Slammed) and Functional Thread

    washed and waxed, took off the plasti-dip and got a hood.
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    i cant roll stock....wheels, tires, lowering, and.....plasti dip?

    ive been out for a little, figure I would update the thread. picked up a CF hood "evo style" for $40.00, then decided I didn't like the white with all of the black accents that are being added. so then I took off the plasti-dip and gave her a bath. I really need to paint the headlight...
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    Protege AC control

    no problem! good luck
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    Is carbon fiber.......out?

    thanks I guess lol.....I (hope) with the black upper and lower grill, and to be done soon painted headlights, it will flow better. hopefully sometime this week I will get the lights done.
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    2003 P5 Help said Protege5 and fast in the same sentence....and then you said "twin exhaust".....this isn't the fast and furious days anymore. ok, heres some ^ he said, search the forums. there's performance, show and shine, wheels and suspension etc threads on here. look...
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    Protege AC control

    common problem. do a search for it and there is a "how to" guide to repair it. mine is doing the same, 1 and 4, but I like the 4th setting ;)
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    Is carbon fiber.......out?

    i agree using them on a race or somewhat performance car, but i just don't feel like it fits on an automatic silver protg5. i'm going to paint my headlight bezels black and if i don't think it flows then it'll go up for sale.