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    Mazdaspeed Protege Clutch issues

    I had the same issue 20 years ago and it was a broken Limited Slip differential. Known to happen with these vehicles.
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    Where to buy a good manual boost controller?

    old post but for others wondering down the line.. a boost controller, whether manual or electronic, will only be able to raise the boost level. If you are having issues with overboosting you need to investigate the wastegate. If it is not a stock wastegate it may have come from another car...
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    Front brakes lock up randomly (replaced calipers already)

    If you unplug one of the wheel sensors it should disable abs and cause light to show on dash. If it drives normally in that state and brakes are not "locking up randomly" then you at least know its most likely something with the abs and not caliper/brake line stuff.
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    2.5L V6 Ford Probe (626, MX-6)...Manual transmission question

    I am not familiar with doing a swap in a v6 but some things to keep in mind: Transmission mounts may be different Brake components for the hydraulic clutch hose Axles - different from auto to manual? Flywheel/clutch in good shape? Also replace the axle seals and throw out bearing while...
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    2017~2024 Saw a new Ford Escape hybrid today

    I do not know the specifcs of what the requirements are for each region, but there are plenty of articles online from variety of sources discussing the matter. Heres the first few that came up in google ranging from 2009 to 2020...
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    2017~2024 Saw a new Ford Escape hybrid today

    The companies all need to comply with the same safety regulations which often results in their designs looking similar. There are only so many ways you can design a vehicle to hit a pedestrian and not kill them, and of those workable designs only so many are pleasing to look at so many different...
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    Car won't start after running with a quart of oil over

    Ive snapped a belt before foot to the floor shifting 1-2 and the motor was fine. There is a good chance your motor is ok but no way of knowing without trying so..
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    Used engine fitment questions

    You can just swap the flywheel, pilot bearing and clutch for the autos flexplate. Ive used manual and automatic engines as replacements in a mazdaspeed protege. If you are installing in a mazdaspeed you will want to swap the windage tray and oil cooler setup the msp onto the regular fsde.
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    WTB Need MSP engine

    Try you can search for the entire engine.
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    MSP Engine Swap Regrets...

    I dont remember offhand but does the msp turbo or oil feed line have a built in restrictor? Maybe all you need is a restrictor to reduce the oil pressure.
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    MSP Engine Swap Regrets...

    Is the turbo leaking or burning oil? Is your oil feed and drain all msp stock?
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    MSP Engine Swap Regrets...

    Once you get your issues sorted out it wont break down everyday. It sounds like you are close to bring done. Take a step back, make a list of what you need to do and ask here if you are not sure about something. IMO you might as well Get it running good at stock boost and treat it with some...
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    Turbo actuator location...Protege5 with MSP swap

    You will want to hook up boost gauge and bypass or blow off valve to the intake manifold as well. You can buy vacuum line for hooking up these devices from most part stores.
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    Turbo actuator location...Protege5 with MSP swap

    To the intake manifold. You can use a T fitting to tap into an existing vacuum line. Do not drive without this line hooked up or you will blow up your motor as the wastegate will not be opening and boost will climb over intended levels
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    Maleskimp3 Build Thread

    2022 bump
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    2.3L Turbo JDM Engine Swap. Need Help

    If you pull a plug do you see fuel mist or smell fuel when cranking? Have you verified you are getting spark? Do you get sputters or just nothing at all?
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    Crank no start msp swap...Help!

    Ok well how do you know that you have fuel? Are the plugs soaked in fuel when you pull them out? How do you know you have spark? Did you actually see the plug get sparked? What tests have you actually done?
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    Crank no start msp swap...Help!

    How do you know it has fuel? Pull out the plugs and crank the car over for a few seconds. Do you see fuel mist? When is the last time the car was running?
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    Infiverse Mazda Protege5 Build

    Honestly they are not cheap last I checked and unless you or someone you know is keen on installing one you are almost better off just living with what you have until it breaks or possibly even finding a used MSP transmission. I have seen used MSP transmissions go for a few hundred dollars...
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    Infiverse Mazda Protege5 Build

    Depends on what kind of driving you plan to do and what kind of budget you have. Low speed autoX? Highway? Just a nice DD? Something that spools quick is nice to have buy will destroy the transmission and differential over time especially if you have grippy tires and don't just spin the...