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    Coolant Leak Lawsuit Investigation for the CX-5, CX-9 and Mazda6

    You should just call Mazda Corp directly and file a complained with them and ask them for help with paying for the repair. Sometimes they will split the cost of the repair with you.
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    Dealer extended warranty. Worth it?

    Agree with above...just too many ways for them not to pay and too many requirements & hoops you have to jump through to get them to pay. Which means, they will never pay.
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    Cracked Block (2018 CX-5)

    To add to that, did you always use your dealer for maintenance? Because that supposedly makes it more likely Mazda will show goodwill in these situations.
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    2021 CX-5 Airbag warning light flashing 3 and 7

    Great the body shop picked up the bill from the dealer! Just don't see good customer service like that anymore.
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    2021 CX-5 Airbag warning light flashing 3 and 7

    Haven't seen that come up here before. Take it to the dealer? Do you still have a warrantee?
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    Coolant Leak Lawsuit Investigation for the CX-5, CX-9 and Mazda6

    I don't know about that. The fact that the problem does exist as documented over at the NHTSA and it seems Mazda is ignoring the issue, may make the case stronger by showing the negligence of Mazda for not properly addressing the issue for owners. Sooner or later the hot oil going all over a hot...
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    Coolant Leak Lawsuit Investigation for the CX-5, CX-9 and Mazda6

    They should be looking at the cracked cylinder heads of the NA CX5s causing hot oil to shoot all over the engine!
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    So long, Honda. Hello, Mazda!

    I don't know if I will ever go full electric since we often take long trips in our CX5. And you are right on Mazda's fit & finish, the build quality of our 2024 CX5 Turbo is amazing. Just waiting for all the Mazda products to be offered as hybrids. Great to hear your Tesla has exceeded...
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    So long, Honda. Hello, Mazda!

    Yikes! So how was your experience with the 2021 Honda Ridgeline that you bought when you traded in the cx5?
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    2021 CX-5 Sport Key Fob battery shows low after changing batteries

    Never knew our cars had this. Seems like a waste of money and unnecessary complexity built into the car to save a $5 key fob battery! Glad you figured it out.
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    What to do when your vehicle is submerging?

    It's since been reported that her blood alcohol level was 3 times over the legal limit to drive. Still a tragedy for her and the family.
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    Mazda is advertising CX-5 models without Cylinder Deactivation and i-stop

    Did the US CX5 ever have i-Stop?
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    Cracked Block (2018 CX-5)

    If you want to keep the car you can always ask Mazda to cover the cost since they know it is a manufacturing defect, and there are others who had their blocks crack too, so this is not an isolated event. You will likely need to call Mazda customer service directly and file a complaint. They may...
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    2023 CX-5 Clicking Noise Under Dash

    If you put pressure on the glass from the inside does that stop the noise? If so, that you prove where the sound is coming from.
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    Struggling with NAV (2024 CX-5)

    We are having the same issue...It is much too difficult to add addresses to our 2024. Our 2018 CX5 was much easier.
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    Deactivate the you're too close auto brake "feature"

    I can tell you that my 2018 did this a lot when I was behind a car making a right turn, but so far my 2024 has not done it. So, there is hope that the system was tweaked for improvement!
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    Dealer $$ Cost CX-5

    Yes, since the pandemic dealers are no longer dealing in much of the US. Gone are the days where you could get a car at invoice. Now you are lucky not to have to pay over MSRP (sticker)! We just purchased a 2024 carbon Turbo and the best we could get was ~1000 under MSRP. I notice that add ons...
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    2021 CX-5 Touring end of lease questions

    At the current time with your low milage Kelly Blue Book gives a fair price of between 25-27K if purchased from a dealer. Mazda is offering 0% financing but that my only be with new cars but who knows. I know that our local dealer just listed our 2018 CX5 with 41K miles that we traded in on a...
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    Front Camera Failed in Light Mist! 2024 Turbo CX-5

    Good to know! Thanks!
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    Front Camera Failed in Light Mist! 2024 Turbo CX-5

    Great to know the above and great to hear that others have notice the same issue compared to their 2018. I was getting ready to take it back to the dealer to check the system out. Thanks