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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

    I made 250-260whp on a dyno stock block and turbo on 440cc with ssafc and a whole laundry list of other mods. Was my daily from 1/4/2004-11/15/2015. I bought new. I loved that car.
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    Found while cleaning (Mazdaspeed Parts List)

    I also have some misc parts laying around if anyone in the Chicago area wants them. I have an auto exe replica style grill a brand new 03.5 rear lip. Maybe find some eyelids.
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    Found while cleaning (Mazdaspeed Parts List)

    Found this while cleaning. I can post pics of specific pages if you want. It’s got all oe part numbers for special vehicles this first couple years.
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    Mazdaspeed protege daily build 250 whp goal

    Me and 505 zoom had the 2 highest stock block. Dyno went with the car. See for anyone that has been here since the beginning has heard of something called a Joe p fpr. It was a fuel pressure reducer for a stock car which I ran until the ssafc was available. Most think the hesitation is too...
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    Mazdaspeed protege daily build 250 whp goal

    Still not accurate info on here. I ran 280whp from day 30 or so on with 14lbs of boost. i did it with an ion fmic 3" intake thunder turbo header 2.5" exhaust with cork sport spipe 440 injectors and a ssafc. My car ******* boogied spin the wheels in third, it was a 2700lb adult go kart. It's...
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    Tooth Pic Motors?

    14lbs of boost 12 years since new. 260+whp it's in the tune that was on stock turbo and block and internals.
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    AFC-SplitSecond PSC1 Map Library

    Kickers map or the link? Kickers map sucked for me back in the day. It was still pig rich. And yes changing a cell outside of your over pressure/rpm will still alter fuel delivery. Or you could change to -30 over pressure and tune the whole map. There are lots of options. Of course I have 12...
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    FS: 2003.5 MSP Original 1 Owner 88k Miles

    It is also my daily still so mileage will go up. I also will not be selling any parts until I have given a person willing to purchase the vehicle a shot at them. There will be separate listings after the car is gone.
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    FS: 2003.5 MSP Original 1 Owner 88k Miles

    Hello, Testing the water on the interest of a 2003.5 blazing yellow mica msp. I am the original and only owner!! It has 88k miles. It has been through 12 Chicago winters so it's not as pretty as it used to be but that's why I'm thinking of pricing of around 2,500 obo. It will be sold as it sits...
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    WTB MSP Mazdaspeed Protege Ashtray

    Hello, As the title states I am looking for an msp ashtray. Someone decided to steal mine last night. Thanks for your help.
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    Mazdaspeed protege partout

    I need an ashtray mine was stolen last night. Any chance you still have one?
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    parting out a 2003.5 mazda speed protege

    do you have the ashtray? mine got stolen last night
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    HOW TO FIT Protege non turbo radiator on the MSP (Mishimoto)

    Temps will only change on dash if you drop your t-stat. Everyone knows that.
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    What have you done to your MSP today?

    T-stat last night after almost overheating on the way home! Love humid late afternoon drives in the rain with the heat on!! I guess I should have known it was going to happen I mean the car is 12 years old with 85k on it.
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    new motor mounts is it worth changing to 626 intake manifold

    Correct you don't need to remove it! You don't need an im mani unless you are greater than 300 whp and don't like tourque.
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    Severe hesitation and or lagging

    Well on top of that I just had a similar problem on warm restarts hot or cold outside and my filter started pissing like a civ last week. Now that I have full fuel pressure my car is a beast again. Spun the tires in 4th the other day.
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    Severe hesitation and or lagging

    Bad info alert ssafc do override the computer permanently they just cannot control timing function! The fuel interception is fine that's why they can only handle 440 injectors.