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  1. CTt3P5

    Anyone find rain deflectors for the CX-90?

    Your best bet is to reach out to Weathertech and/or AVS to inquire. I am still looking for a set for our CX-50 which has been out for a year now. So far I have only seen one company that makes them but we are not fans of the holes that are used to clip them on. It is a shame that Mazda...
  2. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    You won't regret it. They are an elegant but subtle touch to the gauge cluster. Wow! This is why it never hurts to ask.
  3. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your P5 today?

    @Blue Pro5 Are those the rare OG polished DaveB rings?! If so, nice score! IMO they are the best visual mod for the interior.
  4. CTt3P5

    CX-5 Brake noise after replacing rotors and pads

    So far so good as the noise hasn't come back for me. Are you still having the noise or did you get it resolved? I applied to both the inboard and outboard pads. Since I had them both out, I figured it couldn't hurt. haha Guilty of the same when it comes to most things. I have never used a...
  5. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Have you finally wore that RS4s out Bruce or do you still think they have a track day or two in them? haha Very true Mike and at this point, what kind of options are there for 13" tires? I can remember when upgrading to 15's/16's was a thing.
  6. CTt3P5

    CX-5 Brake noise after replacing rotors and pads

    This is interesting and coincidental. I am/was having the same issue with the PS front brakes on my MX-5. I replaced the rotors and pads with Centric Premium rotors and Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic pads (that I have been using on all of my vehicles for ~15 years with no issues) and noticed a...
  7. CTt3P5

    Car insurance higher

    *knock on wood* Our utilities have been ok. We had a new central a/c system installed a year ago and added a heat pump to the system. We have already seen a return on savings there as we did not need to use the electric baseboard once last winter. We are on the budget plan and this time last...
  8. CTt3P5

    Car insurance higher

    My auto policy renews every six months and back in August it went up $50/month. I called to inquire and got the "it has nothing to do with your clean driving record but claims are up across the board so all members must offset the cost". So how does insurance help me? I keep a clean driving...
  9. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Wow! I can believe the price of them as I check out JDMrupewrecht's FB page from time to time and see the price that older/used wheels are going for. Like anything though, you need to find that one buyer if trying to sell.
  10. CTt3P5

    NB MX-5 Hey, it's Minnie!

    You have been very busy Mike! I do hope that you finally solved that cooling issue that you have been having. Better hide those keys from the youngest too! He looks quite happy behind the wheel. :D
  11. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    I too did some winter prep by swapping the winter tires over. No long winter's nap for my girl. While the wheels were off, I pulled the PS caliper off. Shortly after installing the new pads and rotors, I got the annoying brake squeal from that corner. However it wasn't all the time, I...
  12. CTt3P5

    CX-5 with carplay but no wireless carplay

    I used to feel the same as you gentleman until I got the MA1 dongle to run wireless AA in my MX-5. The main benefit I see is that the phone never leaves my pocket when entering the vehicle. I get in, sit down, start the car, the phone connects and AA starts running. It may seem trivial but it...
  13. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Maybe just a little Bruce. haha Still surprised that my mechanic did not mention it during my annual safety inspection. I had the car inspected about two weeks prior to changing the pads/rotors so there is no way that the carnage seen happened in that time. Yay for no more unwanted noises...
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  16. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me Bruce. I meant to mention that when I pulled the front wheels, both dust boots on the shocks were shredded and the DS rear was ripped 3/4 of the way around. Since the only way to replace them is full removal, I need to decide which shock and spring combo I am...
  17. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your Miata today?

    New rotors and pads on all four corners. Also took advantage of the wheels being off to give the inner barrels a good wash.
  18. CTt3P5

    What have you done to your CX-50 today?

    Re-dipped the DS wheel center cap emblems and hockey sticks yesterday. The emblems came out good but had issues with the hockey sticks again. I made sure to clean all of the edges good and even gave myself more overspray to have more to pull. But like last time, I had problems when pulling...
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  20. CTt3P5

    Added a CX-50 to the Stable

    Update, I replaced the SkyactivG emblem this morning. Tam had a vision and Rick from Ersatz-Artisan brought it to life. He has been making custom replacements for the MX-5 Skyactiv emblems of which I have one. For the dolphins he used a combination of blue and white powder to achieve the...