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    Raising kit for a 2002 Protege5?

    hahaha :D thank you all very much. No im not looking for Insane 45in rims :P But yes bigger ones and 2 where I live ive gone though struts like a b**** and I think its too much stress on my car. Low is great but I dont like stock either. Plus some height might look good. Ill look into it more...
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    Raising kit for a 2002 Protege5?

    Crazy Idea. Honestly I like my car lowered but then again its kinda iffy. Anyways, Im thinking of raising it. Like above stock height maybe a few inches. Is that possible? If so is there a kit or something that will work with the p5? Ideas comments? :D Thanks
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    Good paint places?

    Im looking for a paint place that can do custom work. I dont know any paint or bodywork places. I do not mind a drive at all as long as it is a good place that does good work.
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    Good paint places?

    I need suggestions for where to take my car just in case. I really dont know any good custom paint or body work shops. Im located in ohio, But if theres one that very good, I really dont mind the drive to get there. Help would be great!
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    Hails Cleveland area!

    Hello, Im Zak, and I am located in the Cleveland area. Well, Broadview heights to be exact. The Puzzled Protege5 is what I drive. If anyone sees me feel free to say Hi!
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    Crash turned good must see

    Hm. Yea I don't think I can part out then :/. I'd like to enter into shows but I just feel kinda odd when I didn't create the car. But I will end up adding something to the car
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    Crash turned good must see

    I honestly love the car. As for the magnetic puzzle pieces I'll ask the dealer. Any more information or links would be great I thank you all. I will keep this car in shape and most likely go to car shows. On a side note I'm not sure if I can get my totaled car. I could be wrong.
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    Crash turned good must see

    haha no I do not run the gta forums. I enjoy my out of place puzzle. The only thing it's missing really is a turbo. So I'm going to look into one of those very soon.
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    Crash turned good must see

    yes it was random how the car ended up by me. I live in Ohio!! No place special. As far as a part out I think I will. Still waiting on the insurance company to declare it totaled. I'd say pm me with requests for now. Or better yet email me. :)
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    Crash turned good must see

    I went to the dealer today and it said $12k. I showed them the online price and thats so far what were going for $8990. Looking at just under $10k out the door. My only concern is that the "blank" puzzle pieces are rusting so thats causing a problem. Its metal on the seats and mats as well...
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    Crash turned good must see

    Hello everyone, I found this site a little over a year ago when I got my first MP5. This last friday I got into an accident that totaled my lovely car. Im a little banged up but other than that im ok. Heres where it gets intresting. While shopping for a new car, I come across a MP5, not any...
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    Located in NE ohio

    Hey, Been here a little bit, didnt even notice there was a Ohio forum. Haha, Well I drive a 02 Yellow P5. Nothing special, tinted windows and lowered about it. If you see me or it, Say Hi =D haha Ill be changing my plate to Illusion of somesort soon, so thatll make me easier to spot.
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    new P5 owner just saying hello

    Welcome =) We are all very nice here. (This place and the people helped me alot too) =D
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    Ebay intake came.

    Yea, well remember when I said I bought a Ebay intake? Well, It just came today, I only have a few pictures Horrible ones at that matter but I will post more tomorrow for I took these at night. Tell me what you think xD (I should be installing it tomorrow also) EDIT: Well I meant to add...
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