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  1. MetroMike

    How do we unlock the doors if the CX-50 battery dies?

    One year later I come to find from my dealer that there is a RECALL MSP-60 for this metal key issue. Cannot find any info on it as of yet.
  2. MetroMike

    What have you done to your CX-50 today?

    Am very much considering some professionally installed patterned cover meant for such purpose. Will visit a detailing place soon I hope.
  3. MetroMike

    CX-50 Styrofoam around Spare Tire needed?

    It was put there for a reason by Mazda. You may find out why after doing it.
  4. MetroMike

    CX-50 Quirks or Minor Annoyances

    It was never an issue with my CX-5 when I had it. Just my normal pulling. Seems more prone to locking.
  5. MetroMike

    CX-50 Quirks or Minor Annoyances

    Had my CX-50 PPP for almost a year. One thing that is an ongoing issue is my drivers seat belt. On occasion when grabbing it to put it on it will seem locked on the post where it rests. Will take several tries to pull it down. Is this just me or my vehicle? I'm afraid it will fail to pull...
  6. MetroMike

    2020 CX-5 GT - New Android Auto rolling out for 2023?

    Like the new interface using Pandora for streaming music. Still no screen share with FM radio or Thumbdrive music
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  8. MetroMike

    Latest CX-90 teaser (12/13/2022)

    The back end on a side view looks "smooshed in" compared my my CX 50 which I like.
  9. MetroMike

    Should I Worry About This? (Person in other car)

    I believe it could have been the daytime running lights that were on only. Seen people drive around at night and their tail lights are not on but the dimmer DRL are on. There is a light symbol for those too.
  10. MetroMike

    Got rid of my CX-50 Turbo Premium (long post)

    The CX 9 is not exactly a feature loaded vehicle, heard some bad reviews from a Mazda dealer none the less. It may be going away next year model.
  11. MetroMike

    Infotainment system shuts down and back on several times (2023 CX-50)

    Mine was going back and forth between a radio station and Pandora Music. I'm blaming my S-22+ phone. Rebooted it and it was solved.
  12. MetroMike

    2023 CX-5 Clicking sound

    Check the passenger side seat belt buckle sometimes they hit the plastic near it.
  13. MetroMike

    2020 CX-5 GT - New Android Auto rolling out for 2023?

    Android Auto is going away if not gone already. In place it will be called Google Assistant.
  14. MetroMike

    Questions Before I Buy CX-50

    All that and then some wow. Yes would love to see the pics once you get more snow.
  15. MetroMike

    Questions Before I Buy CX-50

    Ok I have to take your word on that. Would be nice to see pictures of your car with the said snow packed on or in. Was wondering what that would do with the lights etc.
  16. MetroMike

    2017~2024 CX-5 Driver door glass replacement

    I guess that depends on your Country which you don't state or local region. In Florida its free no insurance bump.
  17. MetroMike

    New CX-50 Quirks and Questions

    Have not tried to push it down, keep forgetting to bring down a tool to do so.
  18. MetroMike

    New CX-50 Quirks and Questions

    I did notice something amiss with the A pillar and the dash on both sides. The fabric or liner was coming out between the two. Like a brown color lining. Had to cut one off and the right side I am just leaving it out so far.