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    Mazda Oil Filter Review

    Hello Everyone. Check out this review. …not too pretty!
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    Replaced CX-5 Turbo’s Spark Plugs

    Thanks! I just can’t bring myself to pay someone for work that I can easily do myself in my garage.
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    Replaced CX-5 Turbo’s Spark Plugs

    I got NGKs from Advance Auto. With discount code, the total was less than $70.00.
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    Replaced CX-5 Turbo’s Spark Plugs

    …at 40,700 miles, as per owner’s manual. The tips look like they could have gone one heck of a lot longer/further, but I suppose there’s a concern that the ceramic insulator is the weak point.
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    Is AGM Battery required for GT?

    Someone copied you. 😃
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    Is AGM Battery required for GT?

    That's it! Perfect fit. Thank you for the photo!
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    Is AGM Battery required for GT?

    I think I have the same battery tray in my 2019 Signature. I'll follow your lead... I should be able to use a Dremel tool to cut that plastic are your referring to, correct? Did you have to remove the tray to make the modifications? The 24F has considerably more power and AND it's cheaper --...