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  1. MadStyle

    Film on Inside of All 4 Windows

    All I see is hard tap water stain. I would use a razor blade and a soapy solution and scrape it off, it works for me.
  2. MadStyle

    The New CX-9?

    Yea, just basing it on how CX-8 and CX-9 have been similar in size and interior wise, I know exterior wise Cx-8 tend to take Cx-5 styling ques overseas. yeah you're right Cx-9 will look different now that i think about it.
  3. MadStyle

    The New CX-9?

    This the Cx-8 overseas, now we know what the Cx-9 will look like now..
  4. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Installed the mirror dash cam last night, took an hour to do so, that dongar rear view mirror power adapter made things way easier and streamlined for powering the cam.
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  6. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Still going strong no issues.
  7. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    They are metal coverings you can find on ebay or online like Aliexpress.
  8. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    All these added things after the dealer supposedly inspected it? They obviously gave the car a quick glance minus the transmission. Going out on a limb and say coolant leak was an excuse to keep the car another day but who knows, there are a lot of incompetent service departments out there.
  9. MadStyle

    Woes of the Soul Red Crystal Color - Touch up paint? has em.. Basecoat paint color, midcoat and the tinted clear coat as a kit.
  10. MadStyle

    Found some damage/scrapes to the front lip of our CX-5

    You can find them on Ebay under Mazda CX5 Grille Moulding for as little as 66 bucks, some sellers offer paint matching as well.
  11. MadStyle

    Next Gen CX-5

    CX5 is Mazda's best seller by far in the U.S. at 51% of total U.S. volume. Even Mazda said Cx5 is not going anywhere, it's basically their bread and butter. I would see a Mazda3 or a slight possibility the Mx-5 being discontinued before the CX5.
  12. MadStyle

    Interior piano black covers

    All you had to do was bend them into proper angles and would of stayed on.. They are so thin, they can easily get bent while being packed or shipped.
  13. MadStyle

    Next Gen CX-5

    It's in your head, same dimension as 2018, 2019 models. Aesthetic changes, made it 1 inch longer and and 1 inch taller, width is still the same at 73 inches.
  14. MadStyle

    Mazda Moves Away From China Parts Suppliers

    Info is wrong on the Camry, as of last year and this year from the most American made car is the Tesla Model Y followed by the Model 3, Toyota Camry is at #47.
  15. MadStyle

    Next Gen CX-5

    Cx-5 is taller than CX-50 which is a little lower and wider than CX-5.
  16. MadStyle

    Wireless Android Auto?

    Have an S20, never had an issue with the MA1, going on 3 months now. Do you have the MA1 plugged into the correct USB port that's for Android Autpplay/Carplay in the console?
  17. MadStyle

    Mazda CX-5 2021 Bose amplifier 66A20A
  18. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    From what I've gathered from several sites in regards to minor rear end collisions especially for AWD and RWD cars.
  19. MadStyle

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Wait 7,000 or so miles and transmission is shot already on a '22 model?
  20. MadStyle

    Mazda MX-30 sales drop to eight units in July 2022

    Mazda made a compliance EV vehicle, 30k+ for a vehicle with only 100 miles range is a shake my head move but again it's a compliance vehicle. Mazda needed to meet certain government mandate on Auto manufacturers having a certain amount of Alternative Fueled vehicles on dealer lots.