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    100K MP5 Club

    Well...Im at 156k now. I still have all the engine mods. (Header, CAI MSP exhaust, pulleys mounts etc. Got rid of the Teins and thinking of selling the axleback.) I burn about a quart of oil every 3k miles. (I call it essential valve lubercation) This has been a great car!
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Sold thanks guys!
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    PM'ed! Edit: wow I have not been on this forum in awhile. So glad to see that so many Protege owners are still here and strong. I feel like mazdas247 would not have been successful initially without us.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Still have them though have gotten a couple of interest PMs. It is a good price but shipping is a pain. So far people that have asked are right around $42.00 on the shipping. ahh east coast sorry.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    This is a 14x14x14 27lb box. Shipped from 04402.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    These are fine with stock struts. Thats all I had when they were long as your stock struts are in good shape.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Here is Tein's info on these. LINK EDIT: I think the drop specs are accurate though it is interesting that it seems like they use the same pictures for each kind of spring.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Hey thanks! I really enjoyed these. I remember well taking them on and off and will be happy to provide some tech support if needed. Also local pickup is welcome though I know unlikely since I am all the way up in Bangor Maine.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Want to stick to the rules. Here is same sign with forum name added.
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Nothing wrong with them. Just had to take them off for ground clearance. grr you are correct forgot to put that on there.
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    FS: Tein S-tech springs.

    LINK on mazdas247
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    P5 Tein S-tech springs.

    Hi all, These have been down in my basement and I'm ready to get rid of them. They were on my 2002 P5 for about 10k miles. I was in the desert the whole time. No rust though a bit dirty and the box is beaten up. These worked out well for me when I was doing autocross and looked sharp but since...
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    100K MP5 Club

    Wow...started this thread in 06?? Have 156k now. I did have to swap front wheel bearings recently. I also have some oil smoke under heavy acceleration. I claim it just helps lubricate the valves right? Eats about a quart every 3k. Have to note that the OBX header is still intact after 50k though...
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    Protege Front Wheel Bearing Service - LOTS OF PICS

    Great write up sorry for the revival. Got the front drivers side apart today on my 02 mp5. Even with a puller and soaking overnight the shaft would not budge. Not sure what to do next. It has 150k miles some in winter climate and I'm sure there is a lot of corrosion in there. The bearings have...
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    2002 Mazda Protege 5 Won't Fire

    Check fuses. Chec MAF connection. Pull a plug and look at it. Use a timing light to see if you are getting spark.
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    Kinda new here...

    Yes can't miss those graphics. Nice looking P5!
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    We lost a fellow brother last night...

    I'll help keep the thread alive. +3 for a sticker.
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    Mazdaspeed Protege Floormats! MS Badge Kit!

    Holy cow man no kidding. Has it been that long since I was a vendor on here? Try protege garage Ken may still have some. You can also click one of the links I have directed to his Mazda site in my signature. Sorry about the dead thread I though I took care of all of these.
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    WTB: 02 P5 Front swaybar endlinks

    Hi looking for stock swaybar front endlinks for when I swap back to my summer springs. Thanks for the help!