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    Off Topic Curious what bikes people here have

    1975 Honda CB360T survivor. Bought it used in ‘77 with 1200 miles and rode it around with my new bride for fun. Along came kids and life, the bike was relegated to the shed for 20 years. Around 2000 I got it out and put it on the road again (tires, tune up, inspection) but it didn’t run all that...
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    Received a Mazda Survey About Rotary Engines

    My first brand new car was ALMOST a 1979 RX7. I decided to go with a brand that was more mainstream with proven mechanicals (5.0 Mustang GT).
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    For Sale 2nd Gen CX-5 Accessories

    Interested. I have a '17 GT. Does the cargo cover install and function as the OEM model? Would you consider meeting in the Baltimore area? I'm about an hour north.
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    Pirelli Scorpian all season tires

    I used Scorpion STR-A's on my 2 wheel drive pickup. They were the OEM all-season tires. They were fine in dry and wet but IMO they sucked in even minimal winter conditions. Got stuck once ON FLAT PAVEMENT, and the truck has a limited slip rear! Switched to Yoko Geolanders and felt much more...
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    Snow Removal/Start..Stop button.

    I concurr with Danny! Thumbs up to Snowbrum.
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    Fast glance identification

    Headlights, taillights, front grille- at least!
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    What Other Cars Do You Have Beside Your CX-5?

    I'm mostly a lurker here, but I'll play! From newest to old: 2017 Mazda CX-5 GT / Premium 2011 F150 XLT SuperCrew 4x4, 68k miles 2001 BMW 530i Sport, 5 speed with Dinan upgrades, 202K miles 1970 Chevy C10 stepside, slightly customized and the only one worth a picture!
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    Lame Mazda commercial, Feel Alive!

    The 'business' Mazda simply markets their product line based on the potential buyer. Hate to say it, but the Gen X'ers are now in their 30's and I'll bet the 'typical' buyer cares more about their gaming system and phone than the car. To the vast majority of them, a car is only a way to get from...
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    What did you trade-in for your '17 or '18?

    I traded my 2014 CX5 touring awd for a loaded 2017 GT leftover. The '14 was a good, reliable car but it's astounding how much quieter the new car is, not to mention all the safety 'goodies' I've owned a 2001 BMW 530i Sport (E39) since 2003, haven't had any major problem all these years....and...
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    is the CX-5 a feminine car?

    Hey you're lucky- we got a new CX5 almost a month ago and the ONLY time I've driven it was home from the dealership! Meanwhile I'm stuck with my work truck (312,000 miles).
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    Bought a new little fishing boat to tow behind CX-5

    Nice rig kedis. Be careful not to go crazy on the mods. I took a plain 14' jonboat and turned it into what my buddies call a 'redneck bass boat' because of all the stuff I added!(rolleyes)
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    Blizzard hitting Mid-Atlantic..CX5 is ready

    I'm a firm believer of dedicated winter tires and rims! I live in one of the hardest hit areas. Our CX5 is tucked into the garage until Monday, when my wife will use it to get to her job as a nurse. My winter preps are a set of Sport Edition rims with 235/65R18 Blizzaks. No problems. I snapped...
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    Plastidip Chrome Lip on Grill?

    ^^^^^^^What he said.^^^^^^^^^^ No need to remove the grill (or anything else)- just mask it off and spray! Here's mine. I did the grill badge in gray for subtle contrast.
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    Your other car (Actual or Possibility)

    We don't buy many cars but when we do, we tend to hang on to 'em. Along with our CX5, we've got the following: 2013 GMC Terrain SLT (daughters car) 2008 Ford F250 XLT (my work truck) 2001 BMW 530i Sport 5 speed (wife's daily driver) 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 limited (my "poor mans' Corvette")
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    Opinions wanted on whether or not to do a carbon fiber wrap

    Since I have a black car, the black hood panel doesn't bother me. OTOH, I didn't like the chrome 'smile' on the front, so I dipped it black and did the front emblem in gray. I think it looks better.
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    roof rail questions

    I drove for a month before adding the roof rack. No significant change in mileage or wind noise with only the rails but adding the crossbars make it quite a bit louder. I keep them under the rear seat along with a T10 wrench.
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    Roof Rails

    Sure. There's just enough room for the crossbars under the rear seat cushion. I was able to fit them both in (one at a time) from the left rear door by simply inserting one end and 'feeling' a route that didn't hit any obstruction. It would be much easier if the cushion was removable. The...
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    Question on towing a boat

    Actually, it's close to the maximum. Do the math. Boat - 1454# 20 gallons gas - 140# Trailer - 400 to 500# Total - 1980 # minimum- WITHOUT anything else, like coolers, anchor, etc. That's why I keep an F250 around!
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    Just not feelin' the 2014 CX-5

    I think he means greasing the caliper slide pins. If not lubricated they can seize up. See this link:
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    Show me your CX-5 wheels

    That's exactly right. The funny thing is I had already bought a new set of 215x17 Blizzacks to put on the OEM rims.(hand) Oh well, I'll just keep 'em in the shed and put them on when the Yoko's wear out. I'm thinking the used 235's will be about done after this winter, so the KV5's might just...