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    2024 CX-50 improvements?

    Has anybody driven the 2024 and compared it to the 2023 model? Especially interested in the stated improvements to suspension and steering effort.
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    Grand Touring vs Touring Ride

    There are many that do that. I gave away a 13 year old car to Kars for Kids a few years ago. Presently I have three vehicles, 10, 9 and 5 years old. I am actively looking at the CX-5 to replace the 10 year old vehicle that has 91k on it. But I agree while not the norm there certainly are...
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    What car did you trade in for your CX-5?

    nizzy... I like that thing you mention about zen and sticking with the slower drivers. I too have a little hang up with the power thing and you put it just right. If you have, you use it. If you don't have it obviously you don't use it and get used to not using it. Good way of putting...
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    Heads up - what is wrong with this picture?

    After you all adjusted your tire air pressure to the proper reading did you notice any noticeable difference in the comfort of the ride? Or did you notice nothing in the way it rode or handled?
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    On the water...

    I was told by my Mazda dealer that they had to keep one for demo and could not sell it. Maybe that one is the test drive vehicle and they've sold all the rest. That's pretty much the story at my dealer.
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    Mazda CX-5 sales numbers

    The CX-5 has only been for sale here in the U.S. for a little over a month so it's not suprizing to see few on the road. Availability has been a problem too. My Mazda dealer says that they probaboy have lost a lot of sales to CRV because of it and also a lot of people are waiting to compare it...
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    White Pearl color

    I test drove a white CX-5 and I believe that is the only white they have. It just seemed to be a bright white to me. Not the deep pearlescent(sp?) color some manufacturers charge more for. But to tell the truth I didn't pay particular attention to it cause I was just test driving it and am...
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    Making use of in-dash button placeholders

    Taxes as a percentage sound good but when the price of gas moves from $2.00 per gallon to $4.00 per gallon and then back to $2.00 per gallon in less then a two year period it makes for huge budget problems. As you probably know, once you give a politician a whole bunch of money(% tax on $4.00)...
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    Rustproofing & it necessary?

    Personally I would stay away from all that stuff. The manufacturers have pretty good rust through warranties and the rustproofing they already have on their vehicles should be sufficient even in cold climates with lots of salt. I've read many articles on this stuff and they say it doesn't do...
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    My new CX-5 is already in the shop :(

    Maybe a dumb question but it's never stopped me before. If you do hit the start/stop button by mistake when moving, can you just press it to restart or must you be in park/neutral?
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    0 to 62 in 9.4 seconds

    On the flip of side getting crushed by an 18 wheeler. How did those 18 wheelers get on the freeway in the first place without causing an accident. Most of them do 0-60 in what, about 30 seconds? did a review and timed the CX-5(GT AWD auto) 0-60 in 9.7secs which is about the...
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    Making use of in-dash button placeholders

    Sometimes there are reasons why people are late to adopt things other than just being "stupid". If gas was $4.00 a gallon here in the U.S. like it was in Europe many years ago we may very well have the istop tech here now and love it. Europe, on the most part, is much more conjested and...
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    My new CX-5 is already in the shop :(

    Take it easy. How many people have owner's manuals in front of them when they are taking a test drive? It is very natural to ask a salesman about something like this but with the understanding that a lot of them don't have a clue. I wish they would just say "I don't have a clue" but I guess...
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    My new CX-5 is already in the shop :(

    When they first came out with these push button starts you had to push and hold the button on most of them to turn the engine off. I wonder if that deal with the Lexus and the trooper not being able to figure out how to shut the car down and people got killed made the car companies change it to...
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    Trading wheels for those who have the 19", I have the 17". Loving the manual 6spd!

    I wish they would have went to an 18" on the GT instead. It would have been better all around I think but still not a major issue.
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    Trading wheels for those who have the 19", I have the 17". Loving the manual 6spd!

    A high performance tire? On the CX-5? OK but not something most people would be looking to do IMO.
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    Trading wheels for those who have the 19", I have the 17". Loving the manual 6spd!

    If one puts say 12,000 miles a year on their car, the tires would be replaced at about the 4 year point. I really don't know but say the 19"s would cost $400 more to replace. An extra $100 per year doesn't seem like it should scare someone from getting the 19"s but that's just my opinion.
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    Keyless start - what is the point?

    Keyless entry fobs have had panic buttons on them for years. I've got them on all of my three vehicles and probably have set it off by mistake once or twice in the last ten years. Not a major life concern. The only advantage I can see of having the push button start but without the advanced...
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    Step bars?

    Plus in the winter when all the gunk gets caked on the underside of the you're carrying about 25lbs extra weight on each side. And that's beside the extra weight of the steps themselves! Gas mpg already suffers in the winter...why add to the problem.
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    GT trim production hiatus

    I'm just wondering if the market for this size 19" tire won't expeand as it seems that tires on just about all vehicles are getting huge. That should bring down the price and unless you just drive the snot out of your car the tires should last three to four years, no?