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    Door Handle Weirdness

    Child lock setting switch which disables interior door handle in door jamb when door is open. Check switch position for both rear doors.
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    How many miles on your turbo?

    And I thought my 2019 GTR has low miles, 13,850 miles & I'll have it 4 years in 2 weeks.
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    New 2024 CX-5 Build and Upgrades

    I definitely recommend the floor liners. I've had them going on 4 years. I also have the hood struts. There are 2 listings on Amazon of what look to be the identical struts from the same company. The ones I have are $11 cheaper. I don't see any difference & the ones I have listed below have been...
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    RIP ‘13, going to miss you!

    You should definitely get your deductible back. Erie didn't even deduct mine from my payment. In addition to paying the cost of a brand new vehicle, they included 6% PA sales tax on that amount as well as money to cover the dealer documentation/paperwork fees. They also covered a rental until I...
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    RIP ‘13, going to miss you!

    When my 2019 GTR was rear ended & totaled, my insurance, Erie handled everything including issuing the payout check. They then recouped their payout from State Farm which was the insurer of the party who caused the accident. Because my GTR was only 4 months old, they essentially paid out the...
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    RIP ‘13, going to miss you!

    Sorry about your loss. My 2019 GTR was rear ended & totaled at 4 months. At least from your pictures, you car looks much worse than mine was. Due to the newness of mine, I actually came out slightly ahead. I got more then I paid for it. I also stuck with Mazda & replaced my 2019 with it's clone.
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    CX-5 Turbo is the best AWD SUV for the money

    I agree. Same reason I opted for the GT-R vs. the Signature.
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    Redline CX-5 Hood Struts

    Same here. No issues. Easy install.
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    Tire recommendations needed for 2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD

    Those are my 2 top picks as of now. I put the LX25's on my wife's Outback & really like them. I have extremely low miles (13,600) on my 2019 GTR but I'm increasingly displeased with the stock Toyo A36's.
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    What does your cargo area look like?

    Ditto on the DieselGate. I had mine for 6 years. I really loved my TDI but I couldn't not sell it back for what I got. :)
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    What does your cargo area look like?

    That's one thing I miss that my last 3 VW's had. Slide out under seat storage drawers under the front seats.
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    2024 CX-5 US announcement

    Similar color to my 2000 VW Passat. It was called Satin Silver. It mostly appeared silver but in sunlight it had a gold luster to it. My 2011 Golf TDI which was Reflex Silver was pretty similar to my Sonic Silver CX-5. My last VW 2017 Golf was Tungsten Silver. It was darker than the Reflex...
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    2024 CX-5 US announcement

    My 2019 GTR is Sonic Silver. It is actually slightly lighter than my son's 2016 Mazda 3 which is Liquid Silver. My brother in law just ordered a Platinum Quartz CX-90. After seeing that color in person at the dealer I'd say it leans more toward a light champagne than a pure silver.
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    I'm getting an oil change at Costco and I don't care

    You would hope so. The Subaru dealer we've been dealing with for 40 years was bought out by a large company several years ago that has been buying franchises at a frantic pace. We just received a "special coupon" from them for an oil & filter change with tire rotation for $149. Safe to say...
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    Lease coming to an end and planning to purhcase it (2019 CX-5)

    My 4 month old 2019 GTR was rear ended & totaled just pre pandemic. I had a similar experience. I got more than MSRP. Between that & the deal I got on my GTR's replacement clone, I came out several thousand dollars ahead.
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    Guide CX-5 Battery Installation

    It should be the same Group 35 battery. I ran into a similar issue on Costco's website looking up a battery for my wife's Outback. At the time her model year wouldn't show up. I verified the size with the Subaru dealer it was the same as the adjacent years. I checked a few months later & the...
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    There will be a new CX-5 in 2 years...Mazda said

    What Mazda has done however is increase the number of trim levels for it's various models. Way more confusing then when I bought my 2019 CX-5 GTR.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

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    Down to 3 tire options. Opinions Appreciated!

    Looks like Sam's carries the Pirelli's but Costco does not at least in the US. Several members on this forum posted that Costco carries them in Canada. In eastern PA I've used Mavis who is good about about meeting/beating prices.
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    CX-5 2nd Gen Easter Eggs

    My son just did the CarPlay upgrade to his 2016 Mazda 3 a week ago. I passed this tip on to him. Thanks.