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    A rant about my bad luck

    The mechanic who looked at it showed me 4 pages of codes. Damn.
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    A rant about my bad luck

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    A rant about my bad luck

    So back in may I was asleep in my bed and a drunk driver smashed my CX-9 with a hit and run causing 12k in damages. They found an arrested the guy and my insurance fixed the car and didn’t total it. It took 35 days to get my car back and I drove it for a week until it needed an oil change and...
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    CX-9 for my traveling son?

    I’ve owned two cx5s and now a cx9. Unless your son is gonna be riding around with 2 other people on the regular, a cx9 is overkill in terms of what he needs for space. Check out the CX5; it would be perfect for him.
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    CX-9 Cargo area protector (2016+)

    looking at the picture, how does it fold up when the rear 3rd row seats go up?
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    CX-9 Cargo area protector (2016+)

    Anyone know of a good cargo area cover for the rear cargo area as well as for the back of the seats, that work well either when the rear seats are either in the up or down position?
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    Anyone have input on a used CX-9?

    Couple things. Find out if you need the extra room and third row seating. If you do, then I would maybe avoid the pre 2016 cx9 unless the water pump was replaced.
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    2016~2023 Is the CX-9 "DIY" friendly?

    mazda is a very small company and the cx9 is probably their least sold vehicle. Definitely won’t find as many discussions on the internet compared to other 3rd row SUVs.
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    Poll Did you choose the CX-9 over a European SUV?

    The Japanese have a very different mindset culturally for how they produce items. Each car is made with care. Can’t say the same about German cars. The tech is nice, but if I was going for pure luxury I would still get a Lexus over a German car
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    Potential new CX-9 owner, have a question

    New cars can usually get around 4K off of MSRP. Some dealerships already Mark this down but definitely don’t pay full MSRP for a new car.
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    What kind of issue do you think this is?

    yep I think it’s a bs response but the dealership I go to is usually helpful. She said she has no problem replacing anything but in order to do so they have to rule out any kind of aftermarket interference.
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    What kind of issue do you think this is?

    I did. I brought it to them and they think it’s my dash cam. It’s located beneath the camera so they want me to take it down for a week and see if any of those problems return.
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    What kind of issue do you think this is?

    2016 cx9 GT. Getting weird error warnings. One about the transmission failing, the camera keeps throwing up a warning saying it’s blocked and needs to Defog, got an SCBS malfunction warning and the other day got a warning about blind spot system malfunctioning. The errors only show up for a...
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    What have you done to your CX-9 today?

    Is it safe to use Clorox wipes on leather steering wheel?
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    2016~2023 Just bought a used 2016 Mazda CX-9 AWD and I have this cable hanging under the rear axle. Anyone know what it could be? (SOLVED: auto-leveling sensor)

    Wait so you bought a used car and the dealer sold you the car with this broken? And it’s under warranty but they want to charge you for it?
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    Rear HVAC user tips? 2019 CX-9 Signature

    I believe hitting the Rear button means you control the rear using the front hvac controls. Leaving it disables means the second row control settings take effect.
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    Weird message issues

    So I got a cx9 (2016 GT) and I love it but I had a weird message the other day saying that the transmission was having problems and to bring it to the dealer immediately. (Attached) I called the dealer immediately and they took a look at it and ran the codes and found nothing about the...
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