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    1/4 mile Drag with MS3

    Enjoy your Speed3. I drive a C43 now, but still miss my speed3, it is not the same kind of car even my current ride is more powerful and faster.
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    1/4 mile Drag with MS3

    LOL replying a 12 years old thread. I sold the car 6 years ago, but you brought me back memories. Your reply brought me back to this forum which I used to go daily but stopped after I sold my car. I don't see many 1st GEN MS3 on the road anymore, I sold mine to a 19 yrs old who modded it even...
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    How do you remove the side moulding?

    Mine actually peeling up a bit on it's own, then I just pull it along. Super easy to do. Then just go-gone to clean the surface like the other person said. Mine actually doesn't even have much residue. A good wash clear them all up. Door looks much cleaner without it.
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    looking to buy a mazdaspeed protege

    check local kijiji or has a few selling as well.
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    Thinking on buying a MS3.

    There is no Mazda 6 in late 90s....the best possible is a Mazda 626 and it would be a V6 and not a Turbocharged. MS6 starts at 2006 like others said.
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    rear shocks

    My rear left blown around 60000km, rear right blown around 75000km Replaced the whole 4 with Koni Yellow Sports and called it a day.
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    Rear skirt

    You mean the rear flare? Nextmod has them, fittment is soso tho.
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    MP3 Floor Mats

    95$....may as well to get weathertech instead. Unless the MP3 logo means huge to you. =)
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    Local MSP Down and out

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    Tire recommendations?

    Falken 912
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    MP3 Seats

    Should be easier to get MSP seats and they are slightly better than MP3 seats.
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    Anyone running 17's on their MS3 daily?

    I run 17" on winter, lol....for like 5 months?
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    MP3 only made in 2001?

    Yes.....prepare the 10years old anniversary soon, lol
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    MP3 only made in 2001?

    Only 250 in Canada and they are all blue and only sold in 2001
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    more horsepower for 2001 mp3

    the splittler is about $80CAD...I broke mind when I had the car and dealer want $80 for the black piece...I'm like no thanks...I left it that way, better off buying thr autoexe lip for a signifcant of visual mod
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    Front Break Pads

    You can still drive for a while with 40% left on the brake pads. Brakes are tear and wear parts and of course not under warranty, same for your tires! $450, is it just for the pads (front and rear) or labour included? Either way, it seems expensive....Brake pads are about $150-200 for front...
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    Mazda-Like Lexus - MS3 Style

    Gonna be a hybird car....performance is no where close to STi or just buying for the brand and the hybird technology.
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    Few meets in August... who's going?

    Majoirity of the members here is American, you will probably getting more reponses in your local Mazda club. For MOM, I'm sure every mazda club already have some threads and discussion about it.
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    1/4 mile Drag with MS3

    ^ I feel the same, my launch is much better on the street than on drag. Pressure I guess? but there is no time counting you on the street, lol and I don't want to get tickets neither. Keep your stunt driving on the track!
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    Someone just stole my Protege5 !!!

    so what car you bought to replace the P5?