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    Door lock actuator doesn't match what's on realoem

    Found my answer... I was looking in the wrong place and was seeing the sliding door actuator. Unfortunately the front door actuator is only along with the latch PN CG36-58-310A for right and CG36-59-310A for left
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    Door lock actuator doesn't match what's on realoem

    Hmm... sure looks like the Mazda 3 part 2007 - 2009 and before:
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    Door lock actuator doesn't match what's on realoem

    Pulled out my front passenger door actuator as it's only working intermittently. When I look up the PN I find C235-72-350 which has two electrical connectors while mine only has one... and unfortunately there is no Mazda PN. Any idea how to find a replacement?
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    Manual Mazda5 - Need help with Replacement Part Numbers for exhaust

    After just replacing a broken cat on my Mini I am thrilled to see that my 2012 Mazda5 is leaking at all the reinforcement welds on the 90 degree bends. I'd prefer to replace after the cat from AP Exhaust PN 68539 for $77, but they list automatic transmission only. Mazda is also showing...
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    Good price on a '12?

    I'm 6'1" and for some reason I can nearly drive our Mazda 5 with 6-speed in the same seating position as my 5'6" tall wife. I also found the 2012 seems to have more room than the 2008 of my neighbor.
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    Looking for a 2012 grill 50-180D as my dealer transfer came with screws holes

    I just brought home our 2012 Mazda 5 sport 6-speed and one of the only complaints I have is the front grill has screw holes as the car is from Ohio where front plates are required, while in Michigan they are not. I found a parts diagram here...