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    Show Me Your Wheels

    I agree. Looks good!
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    How do you know? Where did you see that? The reveal isn't until 7:30 PM Eastern Time tonight.
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    I still suspect it will be a rotary. Mazda stated that it has a “...sense of lineage and authenticity, appearing almost to condense Mazda’s entire history of sports car development into a single model.” If they make that statement, and it doesn't have a rotary, they will look like fools. They...
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    To be fair, the RX-7 sales would need to be broken down by generation, with notes on how long each generation lasted, but at 191,026 sold, the RX-8 was hardly a failure, which was my point. The Series II (which I own), certainly was, by sales numbers. That's unfortunate, as the Series II had a...
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    All of those comments, on both sides, are subjective, so, yes, I was. I was also providing evidence that the sexiness of the RX-8 is not just my subjective opinion alone. I would also lay a substantial amount of money on a bet that most people on the street would find the RX-8 sexier than the...
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    I don't agree with that. I seem to recall reading somewhere that, in terms of sales, the RX-8 was the most successful rotary-powered car Mazda ever produced. I don't know if that's accurate, but it sold quite well initially. When it was first released, it's acceleration numbers weren't that...
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show

    I've been wondering the same thing. The "affordable" sports car market has been weak at least since the recession. Supercar sales have apparently taken off lately, which I attribute to the ending of the recession. During the recession, while everyone was talking about stringing up the top 1%...
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    Mazda concept sports car for Tokyo auto show Hopefully it will be rotary powered. Even if it is, there's no guarantee it will be built. The RX-8 concept car was case study to gauge interest. Still, I can't wait to see what the Tokyo auto show...
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    Mazda Soul Red touch up paint doesn't match well

    Yes, I agree completely. One of the drawbacks of the fancy Soul Red paint. Not that I regret it. It's gorgeous, especially with my black O.Z. Racing wheels. People gawk at my car all the time.
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    How Fast Is the 2016 MX-5?

    I love the ND MX-5! If I can fit in the driver's seat, I've even been tempted to trade my 2009 RX-8 in for one. Probably won't happen, as I love my RX-8, but it's tempting.
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    RUST under my 2014 Mazda3 - fixes

    I think every car I've ever owned has quickly developed rust spots on the underbody components. I've never had a serious issue resulting from it, even after 6 years and over 200,000 miles on one of them. If you live where salt is heavily used in winter, it's going to happen, and quickly.
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    Mazda3 vs Chevy Cruze LTZ

    Where Mazdas always shine is in driver involvement. Steering and handling of a Mazda is almost always the best in class, and that's definitely the case with the 3. The Cruze is not bad in this regard, but it's not in the same league as the 3 (and Ford Focus). The Cruze platform was 2 years...
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    Infotainment System Bugs

    I brought mine in for its 40,000 mile (yes, 40,000 miles already!) oil change and to have them check for updates for the infotainment system again. Since the last update I've had a new problem. It now frequently crashes and reboots when playing music on my phone via Bluetooth. It still also...
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    Show Me Your Wheels

    Well, keep in mind that for the 10 pound-per-wheel drop I made, the drop in 0-60mph time is going to be significantly less than 0.6s because the 2014 Mazda3s GT is much heavier and makes more torque than the NA Miata. If I had to pull a number out of my ass, which is exactly what I'm doing, I...
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    Show Me Your Wheels

    I would argue 0.6s is pretty damn huge, myself. You won't get that large a gain with most simple bolt-on parts. I'm not sure where you're getting this "at launch" stuff, either. This is basic physics of rotational inertia. That inertia doesn't go away after launch. As long as you're...
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    Show Me Your Wheels

    Grassroots Motorsports settled the question about wheel weights and acceleration in a recent issue where they did thorough measurements on a (first gen, I believe) Miata. They had done a previous test with a heavier, more torque-ful car, and found little or no difference. They theorized that a...
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    2014 Mazda3 Picture Thread

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    Love for the Rotary

    Love it!
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    New Mazda owner

    Welcome! Nice 3. Love the black wheels with white car.
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    Infotainment System Bugs

    I would point out that not all Corvette drivers have loads of money. There are typically two types of Corvette owners: (1) wealthy drivers who buy them as a "slumming" car; and (2) normal working class stiffs who save up and finally get their dream car. I suspect many in that second class...