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    buzz in overhead console

    Yep, got it too. Driving me a little mad. No solution here I'm afraid, and I can't even ask the dealer, as they very suddenly no longer have the Mazda franchise.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I cleaned a 4 year old's vomit from the upholstery. Definitely no smiley face... I'd even bought car seat protectors and had gone for the dealers upholstery protection (they 'threw it in for 50' by the end of the deal-making). Still, as good as new now and the littl'un will be on the roof from...
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    How many Brits? Fancy a cuppa?

    Collected. Happy, Happy Boy. Will post pics later... xtrailman - had a long conversation with the dealer. Mine has the new dipstick, he tried to tell me it's all to do with a different Aussie engine spec. Hmmm. Anyway, will be watching closely.
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    How many Brits? Fancy a cuppa?

    It's at the dealer!!! Picking up on Wednesday (boss allowing). Can't wait...
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    How many Brits? Fancy a cuppa?

    Ordered an SEL-Nav, can't wait, just frustrated at turnaround time...
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    How many Brits? Fancy a cuppa?

    Hi Fellow Brits Very excited to be (hopefully) taking delivery of a lovely new CX-5 next week. BUT it has been a horrendously long wait - ordered in August. How long have other people been waiting? Am I just being impatient??? Thanks