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    Help, please, with Lane-Keep Assist

    My understanding is that US-spec vehicles do not have this feature activated.
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    Bought a brand new 2018 CX-9 Mazda last wednesday, battery draining due to ABS

    Never heard of this happening. I hope they get you squared away quick because the car is truly amazing. At the very least, you should be driving a loaner CX-9 in the interim.
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    Tailgate is pissing me off

    The power liftgate on my '18 absolutely refuses to be actuated with the button on the driver's dash. I've tried everything - vehicle in park, emergency brake set, no doors open, nada. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it? It does open with the button on the liftgate itself...
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    2020 Return of the Wankel

    Sadly, it's not what we had hoped for
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    Only CX-9 Around Here

    So the only time I see another 2016-18 CX-9 is when I visit the Mazda dealer. There's a few CX-5s and sedans, but my wife and I have yet to see another 9 anywhere around here, in the Aiken SC / Augusta GA area. More than a few complimentary comments, which are always nice, but I can't imagine...
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    2018 GT - Brakes after 16k?

    This is the first time I've seen anyone advocate for two-foot driving. Conventional wisdom says - hell no.
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    Dual Horsepower/dual octane ratings?

    So I guess we've all been made aware that on regular 87 octane gas, this car produces less horsepower, but the same torque value as when 93 octane gas is run, which is supposed to increase horsepower to 250. This raises a couple of questions in my mind. How can the torque value be identical...
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    Dimming Dash Lights

    Can someone tell me how to adjust the brightness of the dash lights when the headlights are on? I do a lot of night driving on unlit roads and need to tone them down. Thanks!
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    New Member here: I just test drove a cx 9 signature - "dreadful A/C" is correct

    Looks like it's been awhile since this thread has seen the light of day. I found it while searching to see if my new 2018 CX-9's anemic A/C is an outlier or if it's a common complaint. I live in hot, humid South Carolina, and if the car has been sitting out in the sun, it takes FOREVER to cool...
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    Very happy with the Deep Crystal blue mica color

    We went with the blue also, at my wife's insistence. I'm thinking she was right - it's a gorgeous color. Alas I've only seen one other CX-9 on the road since we bought it 2 weeks ago. Seems like these vehicles are somewhat rare around here.
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    New '18 CX-9 Owner

    ....but not new to Mazda. Picked up this spaceship last week for my wife (who is not a "car person", and honestly can't tell the difference between a Corvette and a Ferrari) and have been on Cloud 9 ever since. I can't get her out of the car. Never seen her react to a vehicle like this, and I...