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    Free CARFAX hookup?

    Anyone have hookup to run a CARFAX for me?
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    new to the website

    Welcome to the forums! You have good taste in cars being that you're contemplating getting the MS6. It's a bit of a sleeper and not many people know that it even exist. There isn't anything that visually sets it greatly apart from the regular 6 except the triple decker hood. I still believe...
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    Speed6 Average Lifespan?

    As far as turbo cars, or cars in general, if you are concerned about reliability leave it stock. Manufacturers spend BILLIONS developing a new model car and have more engineers than you can count. Trust they got it right. If you decide to modify anything you may be compromising the balance...
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    MS6 Engine Rattles Badly

    My MS6 engine has been rattling badly since late last year. It's noticeable from idle to about 3k RPM or when cruising in 6th gear under 40 mph (low load). It's not the Variable Timing Actuator again, I had that taken care of at about 30k mile and now I'm at 85K. Besides the VVT Actuator...
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    What are the signs of a bad wheel bearing? HELP!

    The caliper may be holding onto the rotor enough to prevent any noticeable movement. You may need to remove the wheel and unbolt the caliper (no need to remove the brake line) in order to properly verify the bearing in loose or worn. Listen closely for any odd sounds and turn the hub a few...
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    What are the signs of a bad wheel bearing? HELP!

    Thanks for the feedback. Seems like the bearing by what you described.
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    What are the signs of a bad wheel bearing? HELP!

    I been getting a loud wobble sound from the front of the car that gets louder and faster as you accelerate. It's been this way for about 2 months now and has gotten to the point where it's driving me crazy. I thought it was the tires so I bought a new set of four and got an alignment but the...
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    MSP Stumbles Badly at Only 1 PSI

    Well I swapped the coils around and drove it hard. No CEL this time but there's still a little hesitation. It's not as frequent as before but it's there. We'll see how she drives tomorrow morning when it's cooler outside, but I doubt it's a fuel cut issue. Would a faulty BPV have these...
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    MSP Stumbles Badly at Only 1 PSI

    I talked to a friend and he thinks it's the plugs (which are 1 year old). I'm debating if the misfire is due to a bad coilpack, maybe I'll switch #4 around with another cylinder and see if that one misfires too.
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    MSP Stumbles Badly at Only 1 PSI

    Just started yesterday on the drive home from work. The car drives fine at low RPM but if once it starts to boost there is a terrible stumble or hesitation. The engine is STOCK except for an ATP wastegate holding 7 PSI. I checked all the vac lines and they look ok. The car will hold 7 PSI...
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    323 Hatch Cover

    Not sure where to put this since there is not a specific marketplace thread for the 1 and 2nd gen cars. Mods feel free to move to the right location. I'm doing some early spring cleaning and forgot this was a the back of the garage. Pretty good shape hatch cargo cover for a Protege 323. It's...
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    Mazda 6 Billet Fuel Door and FREE License Plate Frame

    OBO, or I'll just include it when I sell the car
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    Mazda 6 Billet Fuel Door and FREE License Plate Frame

    Cleaning up the garage and found this kit that was given to me a while back. I believe all the parts needed are there. It was NEVER installed. I'll toss in the license plate frame for free. the frame could use a little chrome polish but overall everything as A+ condition. $75.00 shipped...
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    Horsepower TV episodefeaturing the MS3

    Anyone have a link to SpikeTV's Horsepower TV episode featuring the MS3?
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    What's up with my interior roof light?

    Good suggestion, I'll take a look
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    What's up with my interior roof light?

    For a few months now my interior roof lights have been acting weird, now they've almost given out. The lights work when you push the buttons but when the sliding switch is set to "door" they don't light up at all when you open the doors. Not sure if the problem is a fuse or wires or the entire...
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    Need help Towing a Miata

    Never mind, sale fell thru
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    MSP parts forsale

    PM sent
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    WTB - MSP SMIC needed ASAP

    Got cash and need a MSP Aftermarket SMIC.
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    Need help Towing a Miata

    I bought a Miata project car from a friend in Melbourne and I live in Deltona. He was able to get it running the day before but when we drove over to pick it up it would fire up but die immediately. I wasn't planning on having to tow it and I don't have a truck that can. If you can help out...