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    Need navi update for 2011 rx8 east coast.

    Hey guys i just bought a 2011 RX8 with the indash navigation. Sadly its maps doesnt cover east coast. I think i need DISK B. Im looking to update the whole software including maps anyone with help i thank you.
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    Octane Rating

    Hello guys. i prefer using Mobil on my 2014. i use their highest grade of gas, and found it to be better than using the highest of Hess. Me and my wife calculated the miles and also how much a full tank would last with each brand and found out that paying a little more for Mobil was better as it...
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    CX-5 rattles

    i have to disagreed with everything you guys have said. Im in Boston, Ma USA and we have been hit by one of the coldest winter in years. every freezing morning on my pothole ridden state i go to work and nothing rattles. keep in mind everyday is way below freezing in here and the car has always...
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    Mazda CX-5 on Top Gear S20E05

    it happen to me once. like him, i didnt know what had happen... but i looked at the dashboard and saw the light. it only has done it once. i must say i was driving at 20 mph or so on my way to work ( running late), came to a light that had just turn green and there was a truck he started to move...