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    WTB: P5 shifter rod for standard transmission

    I've a 2002 Protege5 with a badly rusted screw through the shifter rod and shifter. To install new shifter bushings, I anticipate having to cut the rod out of the car, so I need to buy a replacement prior to starting the work. My location is cincinnati, ohio area, 45015 zip code. Sean
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    size of linkage screws?

    My shifter is getting really sloppy. I have a Corksport set of linkage bushings, but the screw that attaches the shifter to the linkage rod is so rusted that I'm fully anticipating having to cut it off and possibly cut the shifter rod to extract everything. Other than probably having to get a...
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    rear wiper fuse location?

    I can't believe I'm having to ask this, but which fuse is the one for the rear wiper? The diagram on the fuse box cover has lots of titles like "head hi", but nothing indicating which fuse might be the rear wiper. I tried searches for fuse box diagram and didnt' come up with anything that...
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    Has Anyone Had Their Fuel Pump/Cover Leak?

    +1 to bikingpro5. I used a dental pick kind of tool to clean out the screw heads, then used an impact tool and hammer to get them out. I was amazed they came out without snapping off (had to happen sometime I guess).
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    I understand the bearing has to come off; I have the instructions for the probe transmission. My point is that is a cast, not a machined surface. The pink speedo gear doesn't feel like it's that flexible. Just wondering for someone who's done the job whether they had to have that surface machined
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    Months later, I've finally gotten the transmission apart. I had a friend make a tool from an old clutch disk and a socket, so I could hold the shaft. A few hits with the air wrench and the nut came off. And it revealed a slight silver paste on the shaft ends after I got the gears off...
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    Intermediate (joint) shaft bearing symptoms?

    Turned out to be the driver's side wheel bearing. You'd swear it was coming from the right, but it was the left. I have a very quiet car now; it's amazing how the noise builds up over time, and you attribute it to the engine, but it 's not. Thanks for the help!
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    Weird suspension noise left turn

    Okay, this is a weird one. I took off my RIGHT wheel and hub, and had the bearing replaced. I also replaced the RIGHT control arm, which had play and a broken boot. I had previously checked all of my suspension components for play, and the only thing with some give was the control arm. When...
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    Intermediate (joint) shaft bearing symptoms?

    Thanks guys. I'll check both. I was wondering whether the bearing might be in the rear. As far as sounds sometimes being opposite, I just replaced the right control arm, and a rattle in the LEFT side that happened during turning left disappeared. Go figure.
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    Intermediate (joint) shaft bearing symptoms?

    I tried searching for this, and didn't find anything. I have a hum that's noticeable from 30mph up through highway speeds. At 30mph it will go away if I turn suddenly left; I'm not trying this at highway speed <g>. and The noise is on the right side, but not distinctly at the wheel. I...
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    Weird suspension noise left turn

    probably not a cv joint; I know that sound well. Plus, that sound is usually rhythmic with rotation, this one is definitely an impoact rattle of some kind.
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    Horn not working????!!!!

    one other possibility is that the clock spring in the steering column is broken. Hit your key fob button to lock your car a couple of times. If you hear the horn, then it's the clock spring. If you don't hear the horn, it's probably the horn itself.
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    Weird suspension noise left turn

    I've got a weird suspension rattle that maybe someone can diagnose. Occurs only when turning left and the suspension lifts on the left side. Sounds like it's a lower area: The control arm and tie rod end are almost new, and show no looseness that I can find, including when I jacked up the car...
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    I've finally started taking the tranny apart. I took off the 5th gear cover and got one of the two shaft nuts off with an air wrench. The other won't come off no matterr what. The biggest problem is I have no good way to lock the shafts together or hold the shaft with the nut, so I can get it...
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    2002 Mazda Protege P5 PARTING OUT !!!!

    Did the front passenger side hub survive? My zip is 45015
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    Headlight retaining clip pics/diagram??

    The nubbins that hold that little wire clip broke on my car. Passenger side. So in trying to get to it I broke off the top neck of the windshield wiper reservoir Not really a problem, so I put a cap on the top of the tank. Even without the neck, it's impossible to hold the wire against the...
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    Transmission came from a running MSP, 2003 I think. Guy is a Mazda mechanic doing an engine swap. Based on the info I've been able to find, tranny disassembly is an hour or so to get to and install the speedo gear [I have a 2002, no ABS]. If I have to take the transmission apart anyways, the...
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    Thanks! The speed gear issue is the first I've heard of this. Do you have access to any instructions on getting to that gear? Also, where's a good place to get the msp clutch kit? thanks.
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    mazdaspeed transmission seals and clutch change advice?

    Hi All, My clutch shudders, more when it's hot outside, and the release bearing is squeaking, so I know there's a clutch replacment in my future. I wanted a limited slip, and I was able to pick up a Mazdaspeed Protege transmission. So here's my first question: Which seals do I need for the...
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    Has Anyone Had Their Fuel Pump/Cover Leak? That link shows how to get the hardware out. I was replacing the unit and other parts due to the same rust everyone else is having problems with. also the screws are m4x8, which you can order from for a few...